Solid Mechanics Laboratory

The Solid Mechanics Lab is a teaching/research laboratory. For teaching, the lab is used for the Solid Mechanics Laboratory course (EGR360) taught to junior-level mechanical engineering students. The purpose is to teach students how to measure various quantities associated with solid mechanics such as force, displacement, torque, and strain.

For research, the lab houses a variety of equipment used by a multidisciplinary team of faculty working in the area of functional apparel design and engineering. Faculty from the Fashion and Apparel Merchandising program, engineering programs, and computer science program actively involve undergraduate and graduate students in their research by using the equipment found in this lab. 


ET Building 115

Lab coordinators

Joseph E. Langenderfer
ET Building 244
Terence P. Lerch
ET Building 254



  • Five shear-bending moment test apparatuses
  • Five column buckling test apparatuses
  • Five torsion test appartuses
  • Five beam displacement test apparatuses
  • Seven strain gage installation kits


  • Immersion and air-coupled ultrasonic measurement systems
  • 3D laser body scanner
  • Two infrared imaging systems
  • 12 ft. x 6 ft. walk-in environmental chamber
  • Sweating guarded hotplate
  • Thermal mannequin