Engage in research in any of the CMU School of Engineering and Technology labs.
Mainly Teaching Labs ET Building Room Lab Director
Automotive 105 Mohamad S. Qatu
Automation/Robotics 123 Frank Cheng
Computer Applications 230 David S. Kelley
Construction 151 Alan D. Papendick
220 Adam Mock
Electronic Circuit Laboratory 224 Adam Mock
Engineering Design 140 Mohamad S. Qatu
Instrumentation 142B Joseph E. Langenderfer
​Integrated Circuit Design ​136 Kumar Yelamarthi
Introduction to Engineering Lab ​139 Brian P. DeJong
Metals/Machine Shop 129 Benjamin E. Ritter
Plastics 125 Dru M. Wilson
Solid Mechanics/Body Scanner 115 Terence P. Lerch
Wind Tunnel/Thermo-fluids 145 Mohamad S. Qatu
Mainly Research Labs ET Building Room Lab Director
Circuits and Systems Exploration (CASE) 222 Kumar Yelamarthi
Electromagnetics Research Lab
Electronic Systems and Bioelectronics Lab
Adam Mock
Qin Hu
Materials Testing & Microfabrication Lab (MTML) 127 Tolga Kaya
121 Qin Hu
Optics ​121 Adam Mock
Plasma 139 Mohamad S. Qatu
Robotics and Intelligent Machines (RIM) Lab ​119 ​​Brian P. DeJong
103 Mohamad S. Qatu
Other Labs ET Building Room Lab Director
Graphic Arts 142A Alan D. Papendick