Materials Testing and Microfabrication Laboratory


ET Building 127

Lab coordinator

Tolga Kaya
Assistant Professor
ET Building 130G

Teaching/learning activities in the lab

The Materials Testing and Microfabrication Laboratory offers interdisciplinary research opportunities to students. Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering and Technology, and several graduate programs (Science of Advanced Materials, Physics, and Chemistry) students and researchers are the main users of the facilities.
The Materials Testing and Microfabrication Laboratory is also utilized in several School of Engineering and Technology courses including but not limited to EGR 360: Solid Mechanics Lab, IET 130: Industrial Materials and Testing, IET 365: Manufacturing Processes II, EGR 355: Engineering Materials, and EGR 397: Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems, as well as SAM 690B: Microfabrication Techniques. These courses have a combined enrollment of about 50 students per year.
Lab activities performed in these courses include:
  • Basic photolithography techniques
  • Material stress and fracture tests
  • Plastic impact tests
  • Hardness tests

Teaching equipment (hardware and software)

MTML lab benches
  • ABM mask aligner
  • Cascade 150 probe station
  • Westbond wire bonder
  • Olympus inverted microscope
  • Instron universal testing equipment – Model 5582
  • PHI polymer press
  • Blue-M humidity chamber
  • Thermolyne combustion furnace
  • Tinius Olsen plastic impact tester
  • Hardness tester (Rockwell and Brinell)
  • MTML lab benchesPressmatch DTP Ultra Violet (UV) exposure frame
  • Tektronix CMC 250, 1.3 GHz frequency counter
  • HP 8509B, 9 kHz – 1.9 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • Agilent function generators, oscilloscopes, power supplies, and multimeters
  • GLK LCR meter
  • 3 personal computers with Microsoft Office, Matlab, and Labview

Research projects in the lab

The lab is primarily used for Dr. Tolga Kaya’s sensor development research projects including but not limited to the fabrication of micro-scale sensors and characterization of microelectronic circuits and systems.