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World GeoHistoGram with Activities

The World GeoHistoGram is a teacher-tested, neurologically sound framework to help students remember geographical and historical facts. This new resource is designed to be used in lessons (listed below) but should be introduced to students through a variety of activities.

The World GeoHistoGram Explanation PPT (teacher background) includes the rationale for the GeoHistoGram and explains the basic make-up of the document with several useful suggestions. Each time a student adds something to the diagram it reinforces the knowledge that has already been entered, by providing both a visual review and another set of links to help solidify the memory.

Click and download the following files to project, copy, or otherwise use the GeoHistoGram.

Clickable GeoHistoGram can be projected and used to show individual layers. To view the layers, the computer must have Acrobat Reader installed.  Click on the "layers" icon on the left menu bar, and check layers to appear on the GHG.

Web based GeoHistogram especially useful for use on Chromebooks or tablets, this web-based World GeoHistogram uses layers similar to the Clickable GeoHistogram.

GeoHistoGram Activity Set This file contains the "Basic Structure" explanation, some instructions for using the resource, a blank reproducible GHG, FAQ, a Bingo game and the following activities:

Key Reference Points on the GeoHistoGram

  • Empires and Rulers in Different World Regions
  • Major Historical Eras on the GeoHistoGram
  • Movers and Shakers in History
  • Inter-regional "Bridges" in History
  • The Geography of Important Inventions
  • Wooden Clubs and Iron Swords
  • Gather It Wild or Grow Your Own?
  • The GeoHistory of Religion
  • The GeoHistory of Great Buildings
  • Crossroads in History
  • Turning Points in History
  • GeoHistory of Trade
  • ​Famine, Disease, and War

Lesson Plans using the World GeoHistoGram

Classroom sets of the World GeoHistoGram (one poster and 15 placemats) can be purchased by educational or non-profit organizations from the Michigan Geographic Alliance.  CLICK HERE to place your order.

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