CST Student Success Center

​Are you a College of Science and Technology major? Minor? Or maybe you're undecided but enjoy all things science- and technology-related? Do you need help determining what courses you should take? Have more questions than answers?

If so, we encourage you to utilize the CST Student Success Center, a central place for you to find answers to all of these questions and more, along with advice on what courses to take and services to help you throughout your time at CMU. We are committed to helping you with any question, problem or concern that you may have, and are focused on your success!

What We Do

At the CST Student Success Center, we offer academic advising, career services and will help you find the right tutoring service.

Our Location and Hours

The CST Student Success Center is located in ET Building 126. We are open from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM daily, or by appointment.

Contact Us

Want to make an appointment? Call 989-774-7506.

You can also contact one of the following people:

Heidi Mahon
Director of CST Student Services
ET Building 126C
Brooke Helm
CST Academic Advisor
ET Building 126B
Lisa E. Snider
Pre-Health Professions Academic Advisor
Emmons Hall 136B


If I visit an academic advisor in the CST Student Success Center, do I still have to see my faculty advisor?

Yes. CST Student Success Center academic advisors (Brooke Helm and Lisa Snider) will help you with your major map but you will still need a faculty advisor to sign your major. Also, it is helpful to have a relationship with an expert in the field of your interest.

What should I bring to my appointment with a Student Success Center academic advisor?

It's important for you to come prepared to the meeting by bringing a copy of your Bulletin and orientation documentation (for transfer students only). We recommend that you keep copies of all forms and documents for your records.

How often should I meet with an academic advisor?

You should meet with an academic advisor (either one in the CST Student Success Center or your faculty advisor) at least once a semester to discuss your plans and to make sure you are on-track to graduate in a timely fashion.

Can my parents talk to my academic advisor?

Advisors are limited about what information can be shared with parents due to federal laws.

How do I sign my major(s) and/or minor(s)?

You need to officially sign your major by the time you have 56 credit hours. You should contact your faculty advisor to schedule a time for filling out the major form.

I have questions about majors​ or career options. Can an advisor in the CST Student Success Center help me?

Yes! If you are undecided but are leaning towards a science- or technology-related career, we are here to help you find the right major and career path for you. Please come see us!

Can I get help from the CST Student Success Center for post-graduate applications?

Absolutely. We can help you write your resumé and prepare for interviews.

Is the CST Student Success Center for students that are on academic probation?

Yes, regardless of your academic status we can answer your questions and are here to help.

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