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Alumni Advisory Board

Kim SummersHelp the College of Science and Technology build and maintain strong ties with regional industries, businesses, civic agencies and organizations by joining the CST Alumni Advisory Board.

The board consists of 15-20 members, who each serve a two-year renewable term. The dean of the college appoints members to the board, who are encouraged to recommend candidates for membership.

As a member of the CST Alumni Advisory Board you would help advise on matters concerning college activities, including its educational programming, as well as help promote the college’s mission to local, state and federal entities. In addition, you would assist with building and maintaining an effective development effort to support the programs and initiatives of the College of Science and Technology.

If you are interested in being considered as a member of the CST Alumni Advisory Board, contact:

Gail Moore, CST Director of Development
Telephone: 989-774-3773

Current Alumni Advisory Board

Member Name Major Graduation Year
Laura Bloem Biology 1981
Jan Cerro Biology/Chemistry 1976
Vicky Cobb Chemistry 1984
Roy Davis Chemistry 1971
Kimber DeWitt Biology 1979
Tim Dolehanty Geography 1984
John Fierstien Geology 1975
Bruce Ganer Mathematics 1973
Dale Karolak Computer Science 1981
Doug Mueller Chemistry 1979
John O'Connell Chemistry/Mathematics 1983
Martin Steinbis Geology 1975
R. Kim Summers Computer Science 1978
Curt White Chemistry B.S.
Chemistry M.S.
James Wilt Physics 1982