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Biology Related Careers

The new biology curriculum will prepare our students for all biology related careers

Our new biology curriculum provides our majors with a common set of foundational courses taken during their first two years.  The curriculum integrates core biological concepts in evolution, cell biology, genetics, ecology, and physiology of all organisms.  In addition, the new curriculum will not only focus on concepts, but on the following skills:

  • Communication,
  • Quantitative Reasoning,
  • Ethics,
  • Teamwork,
  • Problem Solving,
  • and the Ability to be Life-Long Learners.

What skills do future employers and admission committees want students to have upon graduation?

To contintue to graduate successful students, we reached out to potential employers and graduate and professional schools to ask what they were looking for in future graduates.  Below are some of their responses that support our new biology curriculum.

  • From industry. "One of the most important qualities I look for in an entry level biologist candidate is practical experience in the is increasingly more important that candidates have greater breath of education than was probably needed in the past."
  • From a state agency: "Ability to work on a team...Quantitative and communication skills"
  • From a federal agency: "Communication!!!" and "Classes that offer opportunities to apply what is learned"
  • From a non-government agency: "if they want to be successful, they better have some good people skills"
  • From a non-government agency: "Students need knowledge of real world applications of biological or conservation sciences."
  • From a federal agency: "Have a foundation of a diverse course work background in the biological sciences"
  • From a biomedical research laboratory: "People who can bridge diverse areas of expertise are often in advantage" and "an ideal biology graduate should, in my mind, have not only a good understanding of basic processes at the whole organism and cellular levels, but should also feel comfortable with protein/DNA structure, physical chemistry, thermodynamics..."
  • From a graduate program: "Strong and rigorous coursework...experiences outside the classroom."
  • From a medical school admissions office: "We are looking for skills in communication, team building, creativity, and problem solving."

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