Biology Faculty

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Photo of Dr. Thomas Gehring, Dr. Elizabeth Alm, and a studentOur highest priority is to maintain an academic environment that supports student achievement and involvement.  From coursework to field work, you'll work closely with biology faculty and staff and take their inspiration from the classroom to the lab.  Connect with your professors and experience even more when working together or under their guidance on special projects.  Out commitment is to provide you with a stimulating education that prepares you for a fulfilling career and enhances your ability to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing world.
​​​CMU Biology Faculty
​​​​Photo of Elizabeth AlmElizabeth W. Alm
Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Biotechnology
Brooks Hall 157
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Photo of David AlmDavid M. Alm​
Complexity and Systems Thinking, Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation, and Domain-Specific Programming Languages
Brooks Hall 156
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Photo of Robert BaileyRobert E. Bailey
Brooks Hall 189
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Photo of Hunter CarrickHunter Ca​rrick
Aquatic Ecology, Biogeochemistry
Brooks Hall 114
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Photo of Gregory ColoresGregory M. Colores
Microbiology, Environmental Contaminants, Bacteria
Brooks Hall 185
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Photo of Cynthia DamerCynthia K. Damer
Cell Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Microscopy
Brooks Hall 229
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Photo of Joanne DannenhofferJoanne M. Dannenhoffer
Botany, Plant Cell Biology​​
Brooks Hall 161
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Peter D. Dijkstra​
Behavioral Ecology, Endocrinology, Comparative Physiology, Evolutionary Biology
Brooks Hall 194
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Photo of Tracy GalarowiczTracy Galarowicz - Department Chair
Fisheries Ecology
Brooks Hall 216
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Photo of Thomas GehringThomas M. Gehring
Mammalogy, Wildlife & Landscape Ecology
Brooks Hall 181
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Photo of Steven GorsichSteven W. Gorsich
Genetics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Eugenics, Alternative Energy
Brooks Hall 230A
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Photo of Philip HertzlerPhilip L. Hertzler
Developmental Biology
Brooks Hall 155
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Photo of Stephen JurisStephen J. Juris
Biochemistry, Molecular Mechanisms, Microbial Pathogenesis
Doe Science Complex 338
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Photo of Xantha KarpXantha Karp
Genetics, Cell Biology
Brooks Hall 183
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Photo of Janathan KeltyJonathan Kelty
Ecological Physiology
Brooks Hall 192
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Photo of Peter KourtevPeter S. Kourtev
Microbial Communities, Bacterial Diversity
Brooks Hall 228
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Photo of Deric LearmanDeric Learman
Geomicrobiology, Microbiology, Molecular Mechanisms
Brooks Hall 190
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Photo of Sarah LearmanSarah Learman
Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry
Brooks Hall 187
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Debra Linton
Biology Education
Brooks Hall 166
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Photo of Eric LintonEric W. Linton
Bioinformatics, Molecular Systematics & Phylogenetics, Phycology, Eukaryotic Microbiology
​Brooks Hall 163
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APhoto of Andrew Mahon​ndrew Mahon
Molecular Ecology, Phylogeography, Molecular Systematics
Brooks Hall 188​
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Photo of A. Scott McNaughtA. Scott McNaught
Zooplankton Ecology, Aquatic Food Webs, Limnology
Brooks Hall 153
Photo of Anna MonfilsAnna K. Monfils
Plant Systematics, Botany
Brooks 180
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Photo of Kirsten NicholsonKirsten E. Nicholson
Zoology, Phylogenetics, Museum Studies
Brooks Hall 138
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Photo of Charles NovitskiCharles E. Novitski
Molecular Biology, Genetics
Brooks Hall 126
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Photo of Kevin PangleKevin Pangle
Phenotypic Plasticity, Great Lakes Food Webs
Brooks Hall 184
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Photo of Wiline PangleWiline Pangle
Behavioral Ecology, Science Education
Brooks Hall 128
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Photo of Lori ReynaLori Reyna
Brooks Hall 167
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Photo of John SheideJohn I. Scheide
Ion Regulation in Freshwater Mussels
Brooks Hall 112
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Photo of Jennifer SchisaJennifer Schisa
Genetics, Biotechnology
​Brooks Hall 193
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Photo of Nancy SeefeltNancy E. Seefelt
Avian Ecology, Vertebrate Morphometrics, Evolution, Ecology
Brooks Hall 191
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Photo of Michelle SteinhilbMichelle L. Steinhilb
Genetics, Biotechnology, Neuroscience
Brooks Hall 206A
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Photo of Bradley SwansonBradley J. Swanson
Conservation Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Evolution
Brooks Hall 140
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Photo of Donald UzarskiDonald G. Uzarski
Ecosystem, Wetland, & Great Lakes Ecology, Limnology, Conservation
Brooks Hall 127
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Photo of Rebecca UzarskiRebecca L. Uzarski
Brooks Hall 182
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Photo of Daelyn WoolnoughDaelyn A. Woolnough
Spatial, Conservation, & Aquatic Ecology, GIS
Brooks Hall 160
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​​Photo of David ZanattaDavid Zan​atta
Conservation Biology, Molecular Ecology, Evolution, Aquatic Systems
​Brooks Hall 335
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