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Sarah Learman

​​​ Photo of Sarah Learman Lecturer
Biology and Chemistry
Biosciences 3110
  • Ph.D., Cellular Biology and Biochemistry, Virginia Tech, 2008
  • B.S., Biology, Mary Washington College, 2004
Teaching Areas
  • BIO 105: Introductory Quantitative Biology
  • BIO 110H: Concepts of Biology, Honors
  • BIO 151: Human Biology
  • BIO 315: Human Genetics
  • BIO 324: Cell Biology
  • BIO 325: Biotechnology
  • CHM 527: Biochemistry Laboratory
Selected Publications
  • Learman, S., Marlin, S., and Grabarek, Z. Conformational Dynamics of the Regulatory Domain of Troponin C. (in prep).
  • Learman, S., Khandelwal, R., Fuchs, F., and Grabarek, Z. Magnesium Stabilizes the Closed Conformation of the C-Domain of Troponin C. (in prep).
  • Learman, S., Bevan, D., Kim, S., Wojcik, E., and Walker, R. Interaction of an Eg5 Kinesin Inhibitor with Bovine and Human Serum Albumin. (in prep).
  • Kim, E., Buckley, R., Learman, S., Richard, J., Parke, C., Worthylake, D., Wojcik, E., Walker, R., and Kim, S. Allosteric Drug Discrimination is Coupled to Mechanochemical Changes in the Kinesin-5 Motor Core. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2010 Jun 11; 285(24): 18650-61.
  •  Learman, S., Kim, C., Stevens, N., Kim, S., Wojcik, E., and Walker, R. NSC 622124 Inhibits Human Eg5 and Other Kinesins via Interaction with the Conserved Microtuble-Binding Site. Biochemistry. 2009 Mar 3;48(8): 1754-1762.​