Spotlight on Graduate Research

Jennifer BergnerStudent pouring liquid into container

Graduate Student
Conservation Biology Program

Hometown: Perrysburg, Ohio

Jennifer's an aquatic molecular ecology research technician. While you're reading that twice, she's out saving the world's largest supply of freshwater.

Jennifer works closely with CMU's Institute for Great Lakes Research, helping current grad students who share her passion for conservation. She's a big believer in students getting involved early in the college's research opportunities.

A freshwater perspective. "The opportunities at Central have enhanced my knowledge of freshwater systems through course work, fieldwork within the Great Lakes basin with native and invasive species, and collaboration with CMU staff and agencies beyond the university."

Challenge accepted. "My educational and professional experiences at CMU have challenged me to think independently as a student and a researcher, to participate as a team player, and supervise and teach undergraduate and graduate students."

Securing the future. "I want to pursue a career advocating for the protection, conservation and restoration of our freshwater ecosystems."