Jennifer Schisa

Photo of Jennifer SchisaProfessor
Brooks Hall 193
  • B.S., University of Michigan, 1990
  • Ph.D Stony Brook University, 1997
  • Postdoc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1998-2002
​​Teaching Areas
Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics
Research Fields
Molecular and developmental genetics
​​Current Research Projects
My lab is interested in understanding how cells respond to stress and aging. We use the genetic model system Caenorhabditis elegans, also known as the worm, to study the effects of environmental stresses and aging on oocytes (eggs). We use a combination of genetic, molecular, cell biologic, and microscopic approaches to gain insights regarding how oocytes maintain their cellular integrity when fertilization is delayed. One current focus of the lab is studying the regulation and function of large RNP (ribonucleoprotein) granules that assemble in old-aged and stressed oocytes. Our research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and is currently funded by The National Institutes of Health.
​​Selected Publications
  • Jud, M., *Czerwinski, M., #Wood, M.P., #Young, R.A., Gallo, C., *Bickel, J.S., #Petty, E.L., 
  • #Mason, J.M., Little, B.A., Padilla, P.A., and Schisa, J.A.  (2008). Large P body-like RNPs form in C. elegans oocytes in response to arrested ovulation, heat shock, osmotic stress, and anoxia and are regulated by the Major Sperm Protein Pathway. Developmental Biology 318: 38-51. 
  • *Jud, M., *Razelun, J., *Bickel, J., *Czerwinski, M., and Schisa, J.A. (2007).  Conservation of large foci formation in arrested oocytes of Caenorhabditis nematodes Development, Genes, and Evolution 217: 221-226 .
  • Schisa, J.A., Tenlen, J., Diede, S., and Page, B.P. (2006).  Reduced dosage of pos-1 suppresses Mex mutants and reveals complex interactions among CCCH zinc finger proteins during Caenorhabditis elegans embryogenesis. Genetics 174: 1933-1945. 
  • *Konwerski, J., #Senchuk, M., #Petty, E., #Lahaie, D., and Schisa, J.A.  (2005). Cloning and expression analysis of pos-1 in the nematodes C. briggsae and C. remanei. Developmental Dynamics 233: 1006-1012. 
  • Schisa, J.A., Pitt, J.P., and Priess, J.R.  (2001) Analysis of RNA associated with P granules in germ cells of C. elegans adults.  Development 128: 1287-1298. 
  • Pitt, J.P., Schisa, J.A., and Priess, J.R.  (2000)  P granules in the germ cells of Caenorhabditis elegans adults are associated with clusters of nuclear pores and contain RNA. Developmental Biology 219: 315-333. 

*Graduate student; #Undergraduate