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Microscopy courses in the Biology Department

BIO 330 Light Microscopy
Principles and practice of biological light microscopy, including sample preparation, use of dissecting, brightfield, and fluorescence microscopes, and analysis of the histology and anatomy of biological samples.
BIO 550 Transmission Electron Microscope Technique
Biological specimen preparation and examination for transmission electron microscopy. Photographic aspects of electron micrograph production.
BIO 552 Scanning Electron Microscope Technique
Operation of an SEM including methods of specimen preparation and taking of electron micrographs.
BIO 553 Confocal Microscopy
Principles of convential light microscopy and laser scanning confocal microscopy, including sample preparation and the use of molecular probes.
BIO 554 Advanced Electron Microscopy
Routine maintenance, alignment and optimization of a TEM and a SEM for high resolution micrography. Prerequisite: BIO 550 and BIO 552.
BIO 556 Biological EDS Analysis
Techniques for elemental analysis of biological specimens using an SEM with an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS). Includes specimen preparation and operation of an EDS system. Prerequisite: BIO 552.

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