Biosciences Building Updates
​​​​Biosciences Building Groundbreaking Ceremony
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CMU Biosciences Building

​Big thinking. Big progress

The new four-story, 169,000 square-foot CMU Biosciences Building will provide students and faculty greater opportunities for meaningful hands-on research and will help attract leading researchers and scholars to CMU.  
The building's multi-purpose auditorium, Active learning Classroom, informal meeting spaces, and open floor plan allow for adaptability, shared resources, and a level of collaborative research and learning beyond what currently exists in Brooks Hall.  The building will provide classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories for approximately 40 research-active faculty, their students and support staff.  Our faculty work with students and colleagues throughout Michigan and the United States on genetics​, Alzheimer's research, therapies for cancer, and research critical to ensuring the sustainability and management of our Great Lakes.  The collaborative research done in the new Bioscience Building will allow the university to continue to establish itself as a leader in human and environmental health.

Specialty research facilities within the building will include:
  • A vivarium to replicate aquatic conditions for research
  • A molecular biology core
  • An isotope laboratory
  • An Imaging center for scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • A herbarium
  • A staging and processing storage area for ecological fieldwork
PrefunctionOpen_x300withshadow.jpg​These research facilities will complement existing off-campus laboratories, such as the CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island.  The new Biosciences Building will allow Institute for Great lakes Research faculty to continue their research on Great Lakes wetlands preservation year round and under controlled conditions.  
For example, students and faculty can conduct research on invasive species such as Asian Carp without risk of their escaping into the environment.

The building is scheduled to exceed the requirements for LEED Silver certification.  The design will balance the safety needs of a modern science building with energy efficiency; for instance, using frit glass windows to reduce solar heat gain. 

The SHW Group, a Michigan based company, is the lead architectural firm.  Construction of the Biosciences Building is scheduled for completion in September 2016.  Classes in the new building will begin in January 2017.​

​​​Demolition_Video_Screenshot_July_2_2014.jpgView the demolition of the final 4 Washington Court Apartment buildings from beginning to end in this 42 second time-lapse video. 

On April 11, 2013 the CMU Board of Trustees approved the construction of the new Biosciences Building - the largest capital project ever for the university. ​​​​