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Solids - XRF

Solids: X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Rock, Soil and Sediment Powders

DTS-2b ​Dunite Twin Sisters Mountain, Washington USGS
DNC-1 ​Dolerite
Braggtown Quarry near Durham, North Carolina
STM-1 Syenite
​Table Mountain, Oregon
BIR-1 ​Basalt ​Icelandic
BHVO-2 ​Basalt ​Halemaumau Crater, Hawaii ​USGS
W-2 Basalt ​Bull Run Quarry near Centreville, Virginia ​USGS
BCR-2 ​Basalt ​Bridal Vale Flow Quarry, Oregon
QLO-1 ​Qtz Latite
​Lake County, Oregon
AGV-1 ​Andesite ​Lake County, Oregon
SDC-1 ​Mica Schist
​Washington, D.C. area
GSP-2 ​Granodiorite ​Silver Plume Quarry, Colorado
RGM-1 ​Rhyolite
​Glass Mountain, Colorado
COQ-1 ​Carbonatite ​Oka Complex, Canada ​USGS
JA-2 ​Andesite

JA-3 ​Andesite ​JRM
JR-2 ​Rhyolite

NIST-688 ​Basalt ​near Jackpot, Nevada ​NIST
NIST-278 ​Obsidian
​Newberry Crater, Oregon
STSD-1 ​Stream Sed.
​Canadian ​CCRP
STSD-2 ​Stream Sed.
STSD-3 ​Stream Sed.
​Canadian ​CCRP
STSD-4 ​Stream Sed.

  • CCRMP = Canadian Certified Reference Materials Project
  • JRM = Japanese Reference Materials
  • NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • USGS = United States Geological Survey

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