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Chemistry/Biochemistry Scholarship Recipients

Chemistry & Biochemistry Scholarships 2016-1027

Mary Jane Merrill Scholarship (1969)
Established by parents Elwyn E. Merrill (‘44) and Grace Bonnell Merrill (‘41) as a tribute to their daughter and her grandfather, Ernest J. Merrill, Ph.D.  Mary Jane was a CMU junior majoring in education who lost her life in a car accident Oct. 5, 1969.  Ernest was a CMU faculty member and head of chemistry and physics (‘21-’53).  The scholarship is designated for a second semester junior or senior chemistry major from Midland or Isabella County.
  • Nathen Provo

CMU Department of Chemistry Dr. Frank D. and M. Virjean Johnson Endowed Scholarship (1999)
The scholarship was given for a sophomore, junior, or senior science major with the goal of making a career in chemistry, biology, or physics
  • Allison Hietpas

CMU Department of Chemistry Paul D. Cratin Chemistry Graduate Student Scholarship (2000)
The endowment was made by friends and colleagues in memory of Prof. Cratin, chairperson and a long time faculty member of the department ('71-'96).  He was well known for adventurous stories that related back to physical chemistry.  The scholarship is designated for a chemistry graduate student pursuing a physical chemistry specialization.
  • Zachary Grim

Malcom L. Filson Memorial Scholarship (2000)
The award was given by Elma F. Filson in honor of Prof. Filson, long time faculty member ('35-'72) and chairperson ('54-'70).  A plaque and photo hangs in the halls of the Dow Science Complex for the tremendous impact he had shaping the department over those years.  The scholarship is designated for a second semester sophomore majoring in chemistry.
  • Bradley Madsen

CMU Department of Chemistry Howell Scholarship in the Chemical Sciences (2005)
Established by Prof. Bob Howell, CMU organic/polymer chemist (‘76-present) for a sophomore, junior or senior majoring in chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science, materials science or related area.
  • Triston Trayer

CMU Department of Chemistry Robert and Cordelia Kohrman Scholarship (2005)
Prof. Bob Kohrman, a long time faculty member, Department Chair, Dean (founding Dean of the College of Science & Technology), and Provost at CMU (1968-2007).  The scholarship was endowed to support a junior chemistry or biochemistry major that has demonstrated outstanding performance in organic chemistry.
  • Kaitlyn Klay

CMU Department of Chemistry Scholarship (2006)
Established by the department in recognition of the numerous years of chemical 
education support from the Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan.
  • Krestina Bednarz

CMU Department of Chemistry Dr. Barbara Leiting-O’Connell Family Endowed Scholarship (2006)
Established in 2007 by Dr. John O’Connell, (‘83), in memory of his wife Dr. Barbara Leiting-O’Connell.  Dr. Leiting-O’Connell completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry at the University of Gottingen, earned her doctorate in biochemistry at the Max-Planck-Institute, Martinsried and did post-doctoral research in biophysics at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich.  She was employed with Merck and Co. working in pharmaceutical research, specializing in biochemistry and drug discovery.  This scholarship is for a junior or senior chemistry major with intentions of attending graduate school.
  • Krystal Henry

Greg and Antoinette Rickle Endowed Scholarship (2006)
Established by Greg (‘73) and Antoinette (Nina) (‘73) for a chemistry or biochemistry major demonstrating financial need.
  • Nana Morehouse

CMU Department of Chemistry Fran and Jim Falender Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry (2007)
The award was endowed with support from the Dow Corning Corp. and is to encourage higher education by helping chemistry/cross disciplinary majors.  The scholarship is a small step in educating future generations and hopefully the recipient(s) will find, as Fran and Jim found, opportunities for themselves.  Dr. Falender was interim chair of the department from ‘04-’05, and continues on with the department now.
  • Hannah Brinkman
  • Brittany Clark
  • Brendan Farley​

Wendell and Marcia Dilling Chemistry Endowed Scholarship (2008)
Chemistry majors themselves, the scholarship was endowed with the support of the Dow Chemical Company to support a department active senior chemistry major pursuing a 
chemistry degree.
  • Jessica Callus

Michael J. and Susan P. Farrell Endowed Scholarship in Science Education (2010)
Established by Michael (‘77) and Susan (‘77) for the support of a chemistry major who is pursuing a career in science education.
  • Rebekah Adams

Max. A May Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry (2011)
Established by Norma J. May in memory of her husband Max A. May (‘70) for a chemistry or biochemistry major that comes from a rural farming community.
  • Nicole Tompson

Dr. Frederick C. and Lois M. Kabbe Scholarship (2012)
The scholarship is to honor Dr. Frederick C. and Lois M. Kabbe.  It is for a single parent or a student from a single parent household who graduated from an Isabella or contagious county high school to encourage studies in chemistry, biochemistry, or mathematics.
  • Awarded in Mathematics

Joan H. Rogers Endowed Award (2013)
Established by Joan H. Rogers ('69 MS) for a chemistry major pursuing teaching or a career in medicine or a health related field.
  • Oliver Yockey

Shirley Larzelere Viele Scholarship (2013)
Established by George B. Viele ('60, '65) in memory of Shirley Larzelere Viele ('55) for a chemistry major with the objective of becoming a high school chemistry teacher.
Stephen Peters
  • Dennis Livingston

Phillip J. Squattrito Scholarship (2015)
Established by Professor Phillip Squattrito, CMU inorganic chemist ('89-present) for an undergraduate signed chemistry major demonstrating potential as a future chemist.
  • Thomas Ostrom

Burdon Family Endowed Award (2016)
Established by Timothy J. Burdon, Dow Chemiscal Company employee for many years.  The scholarship is to give back to a junior or higher chemistry major with preference given to students from Midland County.
  • Adam Gudbrandson