Current Seminars
March 30, 2015
​4pm in Dow 175
  • ​Multiscale Simulations of Colloidal Nanostructures: Self-Assembly, Ligand Activity and Molecular Delivery
​      Dr. Petr Kral, Department of Chemistry and Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago
We present our collaborative experimental and theoretical studies of colloidal nanostructures.  Structures and properties of these systems are simulated with quantum, atomistic, coarse-grained and mean-field computational methods.  First, we discuss the self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles of different sizes, shapes, material compositions, ligands and solvents in external fields.  We illustrate that the lattice types and configurations of the slef- assembled superstructures critically depe​nd on the delicate balance of forces (van der Waals, Coulombic, magnetic, etc.) acting between the nanoparticles.  Second we discuss how the ligand nature determines the particle solvation, self-assembly, bio-activity, etc.  Finally, we describe nanomedicines based on micelles with linear ​and branched copolymer monomers. We show their properties, discuss how they can deliver drugs, peptides, and nucleic acids, and clarify how they interact with biological membranes. In all these cases, detailed simulations are used to reveal the parameters of the studied systems with the goal to optimize them for numerous potential applications.
April 6, 2015
​4pm in Dow 175
  • Title: TBA
​      John Zhanhu, University of Tennessee
April 10, 2015
​2pm - 4pm Dow 1st Floor Active Learning Classroom
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Symposium
    Get involved - see what research opportunities are available and get involved in one  
    Get Engaged - network with current faculty members and fellow students.
    Get Educated - come for an opportunity to learn about a Chemistry or Biochemistry  
    Benefiting - You! Meet people, seek opportunities, and gain experience.

      Come for the opportunity to increase your potential as a chemistry student.  See what  
      research is happening here at CMU and get connected with faculty and other chemistry
      students.  Prizes will be given to the research lab with the highest combined
      participation and 'likes' on their research presentation.  First prize gets a $50 pizza party,
      second prize is a $25 pizza party.

      Light snacks will be provided in the hall outside of the classroom.
April 20, 2015
​4pm in Dow 175
  • Title: TBA
​      Christopher Li, Drexel University
April 27, 2015
​4pm in Dow 175
  • Title: TBA
​​      Tarun Dam, Michigan Technological University

If you have a disability and desire any assistive devices or services to participate in these research seminars, please contact Dr. Gabriel Caruntu, 989-774-3863 or, during normal business hours to discuss accommodations ten days prior to each event.