CMU's chemistry and biochemistry programs give you the interdisciplinary training needed to compete in today's job market. You can choose to major in chemistry or biochemistry – challenging and rewarding programs that integrate classroom learning with hands-on laboratory experience.

The American Chemical Society certifies our chemistry major curriculum. The chemistry major prepares you for a wide variety of careers or for graduate programs that lead to more advanced careers in areas such as:

  • Industrial chemistry
  • Elementary or secondary education
  • Forensics
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry graduate studies in the fields of pharmacology, polymer science, materials science, chemical engineering, molecular biology, and business
  • Biochemistry graduate studies in the fields of medicine or life sciences

Explore a major in Biochemistry, Chemistry or Chemistry-Physics.

You may also want to consider studying an interdisciplinary or pre-professional program such as:

Biochemistry (B.A., B.S.)

Biochemistry involves the study of the chemistry of living systems, in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, environmental, and other products which are manufactured or utilized by biological molecules (i.e., DNA, proteins). The biochemistry major trains professionals who are able to excel in biotechnology, health professions, pharmaceutical industries, and forensics, as well as in the traditional roles of chemistry and biology.

Note: A minor in Chemistry is not allowed with a Biochemistry major.

Minor: Optional
Minimum required for graduation: 124 hours

Academic Advisor

Ajit Sharma
Dow Science Complex 346


Chemistry: Non-Teaching or Teaching (B.A., B.S., B.S. in Ed.)

Minor: Optional
Minimum required for graduation: 124 hours

Academic Advisors

Non-Teaching Majors

Philip Squattrito
Dow Science Complex 356

Teaching Majors

Estelle Lebeau
Dow Science Complex 368

Janice Hall Tomasik
Dow Science Complex 364


Chemistry-Physics (B.S. in Ed.)

Provisional Secondary Certification and Provisional Secondary Certification with Emotional or Cognitive Impairment Endorsement

The Chemistry-Physics Major is an interdepartmental major offered by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics, and is designed to prepare prospective high school teachers of chemistry and physics.

Completion of this degree will qualify you for recommendation to the Michigan State Board of Education for a Secondary Provisional Certificate, which will permit you to teach the major and minor in the secondary grades.

Minor: Required
Minimum total for graduation: 124-161 hours