Stephen Juris
Stephen JurisAssistant Professor
Dow Science Complex 338

  • Ph.D., The University of Michigan, 2002
  • B.S., Boston College, 1996
American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; American Society of Microbiology; Council on Undergraduate Research; Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Professional Interests
Toxin biochemistry, Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis, Cellular biology of host-pathogen interactions.
Teaching Areas
Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Bacterial Pathogenesis, General Biology
​​Selected Publications and Presentations
  • Basilio, D., Juris, S.J., Collier, R.J. and Finkelstein, A.  2009. Evidence for a proton-protein symport mechanism in the anthrax toxin channel. J. Gen. Phys. 133: 307-314.
  • Wimalasena, D.S, Cramer, J.C., Janowiak, B.E., Juris, S.J., Melnyk, R.A., Anderson, D.E., Kirk, K.L., Collier, R.J., and Bann, J.G.  2007. Effect of 2-fluorohistidine labeling of the anthrax protective antigen on stability, pore formation, and translocation. Biochemistry. 46: 14928-14936.
  • Juris, S.J., Melnyk, R.A, Bolcome, R.E 3rd., Chan, J., and Collier, R.J.  2007. Cross-linked forms of the isolated N-terminus of the lethal factor are potent inhibitors of anthrax toxin.  Infect. Immun. 75: 5052-5058.
  • Juris, S.J., Shah, K., Shokat, K., Dixon, J.E., and Vacratsis, P.O.  2006. Identification of otubain-1 as a novel substrate for the Yersinia protein kinase using chemical genetics and mass spectrometry.  FEBS Lett. 580: 179-183.
  • Krantz, B.A, Melnyk, R.A., Zhang, S., Juris, S.J., Lacy, D.B., Wu, Z., Finkelstein, A., and Collier, R.J.  2005. A phenylalanine clamp catalyzes protein translocation through the anthrax toxin pore.  Science. 309: 777-781.​