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2016 at the CMU Biological Station: A Benthic Great Lakes
​With crumbling salmon fisheries, ever-clearing lake water, and more non-native, nuisance, and invasive species than ever before, the importance of understanding our Great Lakes has never been more vital. Join us this season in field trips, seminars, and scientific cruises to learn more about the interactions at the bottom of the lake in 'A Benthic Great Lakes' series. From our field trips around Whiskey Point, classic examples from Beaver Island's inland lakes, studying the lake bottom through the eyes of our new underwater ROV video during scientific cruises, learning about fish reef restoration efforts, and more, we promise a first-class experience with leading experts and a deeper understanding of changes occurring in the wet world that surrounds and sustains us. ​
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​​CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island
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John Gordon
​Manager, CMU Biological Station
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​Island Phone: 231-448-2325