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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate StudentsAs an undergraduate student studying at CMUBS, you will be immersed in specialized programs and accelerated classes while gaining hands-on experience in biology.
  • State-of-the-art James C. Gillingham Academic Center and research facilities
  • Small class size and close interaction with faculty
  • Utilize field techniques to reinforce biological concepts
  • Several scholarship opportunities are available

Courses for Undergraduate Students

All courses are tentative until finalized by the Registrar.

Please note: You can only take one course at a time if courses have overlapping dates.

Summer Session 1 – May 18 through June 5, 2015

General Botany – BIO 203Z
(3 credits)
Study the structure, function, physiology, evolution, diversity, and ecology of plants.
  • Prerequisite: BIO 110 

​General Zoology – BIO 218Z

(3 credits)
A general survey of the animal kingdom with emphasis on phylogeny, taxonomy, structure, physiology, and ecology of the major phyla.​

  • Prerequisite: BIO 110

Ecology – BIO 340Z
(3 credits)
Study of the relationships between organisms and their environment. 
  • Prerequisite: BIO 110
  • Recommended: BIO 203 or BIO 218

Summer Session 1 – June 15 through June 25, 2015

Quantitative Analysis – CHM 211/211Z
(4 credits)
Analysis and interpretation of quantitative chemical information from volumetric, electrochemical, spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques.

Students have the option of attending lecture on-campus from May 18-June 12 OR online from May 4-June 12. Both sections will then meet for a field experience at CMUBS on Beaver Island from June 15-June 25.
  • Prerequisite: CHM 132 or CHM 161
  • Recommended: MTH 107

Summer Session 2 - June 29 through July 17, 2015

Animal Behavior - BIO 518Z
(3 credits)
Behavior in invertebrate and vertebrate organisms related to genetics, morphology and the ecology of animal populations on Beaver Island.
  • Prerequisites: BIO 218 or graduate standing

Biostatistics – BIO 500Z
(3 credits)
Basic concepts in statistical analysis of experimental data that is typical in biological research. Statistical computer program use included. Collection and analysis of data from the Beaver Island ecosystem expected.
  • Prerequisites: Graduate standing or 12 hours of biology
  • Recommended: MTH 130

Summer Session 2 – June 29 through July 10, 2015

Aquatic Insects – BIO 511Z
(3 credits)
The natural history and systematics of freshwater insects.
  • Prerequisites: BIO 218 or graduate standing or instructor permission

Summer Session 2 – July 13 through July 24, 2015

Field Biology – BIO 100Z
(3 credits)
Introduction to the techniques and methods for field studies in biology.  Sampling procedure, interpretation and data analysis emphasize basic ecological relationships between organisms and their environments.  

High school sophomores, juniors and seniors that meet CMU Admissions requirements will be considered for enrollment in BIO 100Z.

Summer Session 2 – July 27 through July 31, 2015

Vascular Aquatic Plants – BIO 597Z1
(1 credit) 
Survey of the hydrophytic (aquatic) summer ferns and flowering plants of northern Michigan with particular reference to the local flora.
  • Prerequisite: BIO 203
Summer Session 2 - July 27 through August 14, 2015

Freshwater Biology - BIO 366z
(3 credits)
An introduction to the ecology of freshwater systems with an emphasis on the natural history, identification, and collection of freshwater organisms.
  • Prerequisite: BIO 110

Advanced Freshwater Biology - BIO 597z2
(3 credits)
Advanced coverage of the ecology of freshwater systems with an emphasis on the natural history, identification, and collection of freshwater organisms. 
  • Prerequisite: Graduate standing or permission from instructor


Registration for CMUBS courses through CentralLink begins in February 23, 2015. Once you are registered, you will be sent housing information.

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