Current Events

Computer Science Research and Graduate Preparation (CSRGP) is a student organization at Central Michigan University focused on providing resources for computer science majors to find employment or higher degrees after graduation. Throughout the semester you can gain experience working with other scholars and faculty on a research project while gaining essential leadership and research experience. Each week there will be a workshop dedicated to graduate application materials, resume building, or focusing on research. We work closely with other organizations on campus to expand your network and collaborate with other students.

During spring 2016 the club will meet weekly on Wednesday at 8:00 pm in Pearce 419.

Learn about advanced topics in computer science and prepare for graduate school with a bunch of like-minded individuals.  

​Topics covered each month:


  • 13th- DFS/BFS Searches, Stack/Queue/Priority Queue
  • 20th- Dijkstra's algorithm, Linked Lists
  • 27th- Bloom Filter, A*


  • 3rd- Binary Search Tree Algorithms, Tree sorts
  • 10th- Minimax, AVL Trees
  • 17th- Red Black Trees, Heap/HeapSort
  • 24th- Prim's algorithm, Pre/Post/In order Traversals, Topological Sort


  • 2nd- Bucket Sort, Bubble sort
  • 9th- Radix Sort, Insertion Sort
  • 16th- Smooth Sort, Merge sort
  • 23rd- Bead Sort, Selection Sort
  • 30th- Bogosort, Quicksort


  • 6th- Matrix, String Matching Algorithms
  • 13th- Hashed Array Tree, Algorithm Efficiency using recurrence relation and master theorem
  • 20th- Adjacency Matrix/List
  • 27th- Queep , Open and Closed Hashing