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​​ CMU League of Legends
  • Wednesdays
  • Pearce 400 at 7pm
​ History of Video Game Console Hacking​
  • March 24, 2015
  • Pearce 136 at 6pm
​​​ 2015 AITP National Collegiate Conference
  • ​​March 26 - March 29
​ Game Chats
​Call of Cthulhu
  • March 31, 2015
  • Pearce 136 at 6pm
​ Spring '15 ExtravaGAMEza
​Indie Game Development Competition, Hearthstone Tournament, and More
  • ​April 25, 2015
  • Pearce 135.  12pm​-6pm​
​​​  ​Global Game Jam
Join a worldwide event to build games in 48 hours straight!  This is open to everyone - Have a great game idea?  Like to write game stories? Are you a great game programmer? Can you draw? Can you make 3d models? Compose music?  Make sound effects? Voice overs? Just like games?  Build video games, board games, any kind of games!! 
  • Friday 1/23/15 5PM - Sunday 1/25/15 5PM 
  • Pearce 400.  

Hosted by CMU's Game Development and Design Club.  
For more info visit: ​ or email

​​ Champions crowned at ExtravaGAMEza 2014

​On Saturday December 6, the ExtravaGAMEza event put on by CMU's Game Development and Design Club (GDDC) revealed two different kind of champions, one who plays games, and one who makes games.  The event featured arduino projects from CPS210, a Smash Bros for Wii U tournament and playable games created in ITC383 and in the GDDC.  The proceeds from the event will be donated to United Way of Isabella County.

The Smash Bros tournament featured many of the same competitors who came out in October and competed in the Brawl at the Bovee, a Smash Bros Brawl tournament also put on by the GDDC.  Second place Brawl at the Bovee finisher Emmanuel Chiejina was once again in the finals.  The ExtravaGAMEza Smash Bros for Wii U final consisted of an epic Mario vs Sonic battle.  In the end, Mario (played by Chiejina) proved to beat out his early 90's rival and was crowned the champion of the double elimination tournament.

The indie game competition featured games created by students at CMU.  Ten titles were on display for attendees to play.  Attendees also voted on their favorite games.  The results showed two games were the favorites. Dots!, created by Josh Whaley and Grey, created by Steven Ledsworth.  Both games were created as

a requirement for ITC383 – Intro to Game Development.  Dots! is a puzzle shape building game along the same lines of Bejeweled and Grey is a skill-based platformer along the same lines as Super Meat Boy.  When the votes were tallied, Ledsworth's Grey was crowned the Best Indie Game of ExtravaGAMEza 2014.