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Information Technology Major

The Department of Computer Science offers a major in Information Technology in the BA and BS degrees.

The major consists of 51-52 semester hours of computer science, information technology, mathematics and statistics.

Required Courses I (9 hours):  Select one of the following options

  • Option A (9 hours)
    • CPS 110          Information Technology Programming I
    • ITC 111          Information Technology Programming II
    • CPS 280          Alternative Programming Languages

  • Option B (9 hours)
    • CPS 180          Principles of Computer Programming
    • CPS 181          Introduction to Data Structures
    • CPS 280          Alternative Programming Languages

Required Courses II (18 hours):

  • CPS 282          Introduction to Multimedia Design
  • CPS 395          Internship in Computer Science – 3 hours are REQUIRED
  • ITC 190          Computer Hardware Concept, Installation, Configuration, and Support
  • ITC 191          Computer Software Concept, Installation, Configuration, and Support
  • ITC 265          Basics of Data communications and Computer Networks
  • ITC 341          Introduction to Databases and Applications

Required Courses III (3 hours):

An IT project as a capstone experience, preferably in the student's area of concentration.

It should involve the design and implementation of a solution to a nontrivial IT problem that has some practical meaning in the real world.

Capstone experiences may include:

  • A special project conducted on- or off-campus under the supervision of a faculty member or an internship
  • An internship or service learning project supervised by an off-campus project director in coordination with the advisor.

Choose one of the following:

  • CPS 497          Independent Study
  • ITC 495          Senior Internship

Specialized Tracks (6 hours):

Each student is required to select one track from the following list:

Data Communication and Networking (6 hours)

  • ITC 465          Network Administration and Security
  • ITC 466          System Administration and Automation

Database (6 hours)

  • ITC 441          Database Administration
  • CPS 541          Databases

Interactive Multimedia Design (6 hours)

  • ITC 383          Computer Game Design
  • CPS 482          Advanced Multimedia Design

Web Application Development (6 hours)

  • ITC 320          Web-Based Applications
  • CPS 420          Windows Programming


Custom Track (6 hours)

A student may choose to develop a customized track by choosing courses from the other IT tracks or courses from another subject area. The courses may be selected from a variety of disciplines at CMU. The objective of this alternative is to allow students to have the opportunity to follow special interests. The student must propose a program of six hours that represent a coordinated area of interest, and the proposal must be approved by an IT advisor.

Other Requirements I (3 hours):

Select one of the following options:

  • STA 282QR    Introduction to Statistics
  • STA 382QR    Elementary Statistical Analysis

Other Requirements II (3-4 hours):

Select one of the following options:

  • MTH 132       Calculus
  • MTH 175       Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH 217       Business Calculus

Other Requirements III (3 hours):

Select one of the following options:

  • COM 264       Organizational Communication
  • COM 361       Interpersonal Communication

Electives (6 hours)

Each student must take 6 additional elective hours, chosen to complement the student's program goals and approved by an IT advisor.

In addition to CPS/ITC courses from other IT tracks or areas of CPS/ITC, possible electives include:

ART 135, ART 235, ART 335, ART 435, BIO 516, BIS 280, BIS 288, BIS 327, EDU 590,

GEO 303, GEO 503,HEV 246, HEV 346, IET 154, IET 291, IET 359, IET 394, IET 457, IET 458, IET 502, MGT 335, PSC 585, SOC 210, AND TEC 321​

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