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Student Research

​​Student Research​

Congratulations to one of our students, Troy Johnson, who is in the Master of Science in Computer Science Program.

Troy Johnson is a student co-author with Prof. Seeling of the article "Desktop and Mobile Web Page Comparison: Characteristics, Trends, and Implications" in the IEEE Communications Magazine, the 3rd ranked journal in Telecommunications.

Troy was an undergraduate student when most of the research work was completed in 2013.  Troy's follow-up work as a graduate student concerning energy savings for mobile devices has recently been accepted to the IEEE OnlineGreenComm 2014 conference, a portfolio conference of the IEEE Communications Society.

These are just the latest examples for the research that undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Computer Science perform with Dr. Seeling in the Distributed internetworked Systems and Content (DiSC) laboratory, which covers research areas from the networked mobile cloud to multimedia experiences.  For more information, see The DiSC Laboratory Website.

​Student Publications

(Student names in bold)

  • Zhang, T., Liao, Q., 20th Annual CMU Student Research and Creative Endeavors Exhibition, "Spatiotemporal Anomaly Visualization for Large-scale Dynamic Networks," Central Michigan University. (April 17, 2013)
  • Johnson, T., Seeling, P., IEEE Workshop on Cooperative and Cognitive Mobile Networks (CoCoNet) w/ICC, "Mobile Node Localization using Cooperation and Static Beacons," IEEE, Budapest, Hungary. (June 2013)
  • Lee, J., Seeling, P., IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology (EIT), "An Overview of Mobile Device Network Traffic and Network Interface Usage Patterns," IEEE, Rapid City, SD, USA. (May 2013)
  • Sulisz, C., Johnson, T., Seeling, P., IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology (EIT), "Video Characteristics of Mobile Videos on Android Devices: Initial Results," IEE, Rapid City, SD, USA. (May 2013)
  • Pulipaka, A., Seeling, P., Reisslein, M., IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), "Traffic Models for H.264 Video Using Hierarchical Prediction Structures," IEEE, Anaheim, CA. (December 2012)
  • Oner, M., Pulcifer-Stump, J., Seeling, P., Kaya, T., 34th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), "Towards the Run and Walk Activity Classification through Fall Detection - An Android Application," IEEE. (August 2012)
  • Christopher, S., Seeling, P., International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM), "An off-the-shelf wearable HUD system for support in indoor environments," ACM, Ulm, Germany. (December 2012)

Intellectual Contributions with Students

(Student names in bold)

  • Gongzhu Hu, Jinping Wang and Wenying Feng. Multivariate regression modeling for home value estimates with evaluation using maximum information coefficient. In Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing, Volume 443 of Studies in Computational Intelligence, pages 69-82. Springer, August 2012.

Conference Proceedings

  • Peacock, D.E., Hu, G. (2013). Analyzing Grammy, Emmy and Academy Awards Data using Regression and Maximum Information Coefficient. (pp. 74-79). IEEE Computer Society.
  • Oner, M., Hu, G. (2013). Analyzing One-Channel EEG Signals for Detection of Closed and Open Eye Activities. (pp. 318-323). IEEE Computer Society.
  • Kaczynski, D., Hu, G. (2013). Geographic Clustering of Research Universities in Specialized Fields using Microsoft Academic Search. (pp. 170-174). IEEE Computer Society.
  • Zhang, T., Hu, G., Liao, Q. (2013). Analysis of Offense Tactics of Basketball Games using Link Prediction. (pp. 207-212). IEEE.
  • Luan, Q., Hu, G. (2013). Data Analysis for an Online Store. Proceedings of the 26th ISCA International Conference on Computers and Their Applications. (pp. 219-224). International Society for Computers and Their Applications.

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