CST Development Accounts


​66400 ​Kimberly Sue Mills Endowment
​66423 ​Biology Department Endowment
​66487 ​Arthur Loren Kontio Endowment
​66500 ​Nicholas and Mabel Cuthbert Endowment
​66587 ​Daniel E. and Mildred G. Wujek Endowed Award
​66604 ​Marion I. Whitney Endowment
​66677 ​Claudia B. Douglass Science Education Endowment
​66774 ​Maurice H. Chapin Pre-Medicine Endowed Award
​66825 ​Pre-Medicine and Osteopathic Society
​9100001 ​Biology
​9200008 ​Biology Discretionary - Miscellaneous equipment, Research
​9200028 ​Water Research Development
​9200029 ​Defenders of Wildlife Research
​9200041 ​Michigan Water Research Projects
​9300007 ​ATCG Lab


​66452 ​Greg and Antoinette Rickle Endowment
​66488 ​Wendell and Marcia Dilling Endowment
​66593 ​Robert E. and Cordelia B. Kohrman Endowed Award
​66628 ​Paul Cratin Physics/Chemistry Graduate Student Scholarship
​66629 ​Malcolm H. Filson Endowed Scholarship
​66718 ​Vicky Cobb Endowed Award
​66762 ​Barbara Leiting-O'Connell Family Endowment
​66768 ​Fran and Jim Falender Endowment
​9200004 ​Chemistry Research
​9200005 ​Organometallics


​66617 ​Frank D. and M. Virjean Johnson Endowed Award

CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island

​66347 ​Biological Station Endowment
​66458 ​Biological Station Research Endowment
​66526 ​Raymond E. Hampton Biology Endowment
​66554 ​Norvall C. and Evelyn Gagnon Bovee Endowment
​66732 ​Gilbert and Kay Starks Endowment
​66780 ​Suzanne and Raymond Baber, Jr. Endowment
​66792 ​Roy and Alice Burlington Beaver Island Endowment
​66813 ​Corey Paul Woiteshek Beaver Island Endowment
​9400024 ​Friends of CMUBS

Computer Science

​64654 ​Karolak Software Engineering Award
​66401 ​Harold W. and Dorothy V. Zeoli Endowment
​66428 ​Leonard and Betty Summers Endowment
​66527 ​Computer Science Endowment
​66812 ​Roger and Kay Lee Endowment in Computer Science
​9100004 ​Computer Science
​9200022 ​Computer Science Research Fund
​9300036 ​Database and Systems Group
​9400040 ​Pearce Computer Center
​9500017 ​Computer Science Student Activity Fund

College of Science and Technology

​66421 ​Science and Technology Equipment Initiative
​66427 ​Neithercut Endowment
​66710 ​Martin T. Steinbis Endowment
​66731 ​CME Mitsuba Endowment
​66756 ​Curtis and Pat White Botanical Garden Endowment
​66801 ​Fabiano Botanical Garden Endowment
​67008 ​Friends of Fabiano Botanical Garden
​9100053 ​College of Science and Technology Excellence Enhancement
​9200052 ​CELISA Lab
​9400026 ​Friends of Neithercut Woodland
​9400041 ​Support for Student Research/Travel

Environmental Studies

​9100057 ​Environmental Studies Development, Research and Scholarships

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

​66333 ​Hubert Dixon Crider Endowment
​66370 ​Thomas S. Knapp Endowment
​66440 ​Ole H. Kristofferson Endowment
​66616 ​Wayne E. Moore Field Trip Endowment
​66717 ​Wayne E. and Ethel P. Moore Endowment
​9100035 ​Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Discretionary
​9100035 ​Meteorology Student Research and Travel (17565)
​9100035 ​Geology Student Research and Travel (17440)

Engineering and Technology

​66360 ​Stephenson Engineering Endowment
​66378 ​Slater/John Endowment
​66438 ​Myron and Hazel Georgia Endowment
​66534 ​Frank and Virginia Irgang Endowment
​66706 ​Engineering and Technology Endowment
​66712 ​Christman Company Endowment
​66731 ​CME Mitsuba Scholarship
​9100003 ​School of Engineering and Technology
​9200009 ​SET-SAE Projects
​9200019 ​ET Indirects
​9200055 ​Formula One Project


​66312 ​Charles Warren and Denzil Slentz Thornthwaite Endowment
​66455 ​Geography Endowment
​66473 ​Clarence W. Olmstead Endowment
​66598 ​CMU Geography Education Endowment
​66654 ​Hugh Calkins Endowed Scholarship
​9100002 ​Geography
​9100032 ​Geography Discretionary
​9100058 ​MGA: Teacher Consultants


​6630006 ​Dr. Frederick and Lois Kabbe Endowment
​66319 ​Cleon C. Richtmeyer Endowment
​66486 ​Edward H. and Stephen H. Whitmore Endowment
​66519 ​Lester H. and Jack D. Serier Endowment
​66694 ​Richard and Karen St. Andre Endowment
​66738 ​Frank and Rita Jozefaciuk & Irene Rutkowski Endowment
​66739 ​William and Delores Miller Endowment
​66790 ​Miles Actuarial Award
​66791 ​Arnold Ham​mel KME Endowment
​66819 ​Fleming Endowment in Mathematics
​66872 ​Sepanski Endowed Award in Mathematics
​66898 ​Nikoline Bye Endowed Award
​9100054 ​Mathematics Enhancement


​66245 ​Gerald Riseley Annuity
​66411 ​Kenneth W. and Margaret Cuff Saunders Endowment
​66513 ​Leon McDermott Physics Endowment
​66585 ​Kenneth Wright Physics Endowment
​66736 ​Suzanne Rae Bisard Elementary Science Endowment
​66884 ​David H. Current Endowment
​9100005 ​Physics
​9100047 ​Physics Discretionary