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Events & Seminars

Thursday, October 6, 2016
  • Dr. Sven Morgan, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, CMU - Forceful magma emplacement in the Henry Mts, Utah: Magnetic, chemical, and structural data reveal sheets, laccoliths, and bulldozer track flow
  • 4pm in Brooks 305
​​The Henry Mountains of southern Utah are composed of a series of large and smaller intrusions which were forcefully emplaced into the flat lying stratigraphy of the Colorado Plateau in the late Oligocene.  Data indicates that the large intrusive centers were emplaced incrementally.  My work with CMU undergraduates has focused on the smaller, outlying intrusions which are modeled to be “snapshots” or earlier stage growth periods of the larger intrusives.  Magnetic, chemical, and structural data reveal that sills and laccoliths are composed of many individual magma sheets that intrude, crystallize, and reintrude over thousands of years.  Detailed studies of several sheets indicates that the magma rolls over at the front of the sheet, similar to a bulldozer track, inducing intense shear with surrounding sandstones.​