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Powerful Research: Using Supercomputers to Simulate Supercell Thunderstorms

What occurs within a thunderstorm that leads to the formation of destructive weather events such as tornadoes and downbursts? Associate professor of meteorology Leigh Orf is trying to answer this question, and in the process, is gaining national recognition for his expertise in using supercomputer modeling and simulation to study atmospheric disturbances such as supercell thunderstorms.





Study the ground beneath your feet, or weather up above...
Emily Wahls 

Discover how our planet works as you learn about the processes that govern Earth's atmosphere, climate and resources. Investigate Earth and its history in order to discover resources, assess pollution, and evaluate natural hazards and other Earth processes that affect our lives.

CMU's geology and meteorology programs, including the only undergraduate meteorology major in Michigan, will prepare you for employment in many areas, from finding energy resources to protecting the public by predicting natural disasters.

Discover Our Students. Discover Your Career.

Meet Emily Wahls.

Emily is a meteorologist for News Central 34. She's majoring in meteorology with the ultimate goal to become a chief meteorologist in a top 50 television market.

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