Study Abroad
Elizabeth Wilson and Mona Sirbescu

Expand your studies beyond the United States and diversify your experiences by studying abroad. Here's a look at one student's experience.

Name: Elizabeth Wilson

Year: Senior

Major: Geology

Minor: Geography

Experience: Traveled to Germany with faculty member Mona Sirbescu to conduct research using a Raman Spectroscopy. This nondestructive laser allowed her to measure bond vibrations between atoms.

"CMU has given me the chance to work with such a group of supportive people, and it has opened new doors for me," Wilson says.

Continued Benefits: In addition to what she learned overseas, the experience has followed Wilson home and presented new career-related opportunities.

"I just presented by research at a national conference and may receive funding for more research in the future because of my work in Germany. I don't know if I would have gotten this far anywhere else."