Student Organizations

The CMU Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences supports student honor societies, service clubs and chapters of professional societies. These opportunities enable you to become acquainted with professions and network with peers, faculty and professionals working in your field of interest.

American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG)

The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), founded in 1963, is the largest association dedicated to promoting geology as a profession. It presently has more than 5,500 members in the U.S. and abroad, organized into 36 regional sections. AIPG is an advocate for the profession and communicates regularly to federal and state legislators and agencies on matters pertaining to the geosciences. AIPG is a nonprofit organization whose policies are determined by its executive committee.

One of the most worthwhile benefits of AIPG membership is the opportunity to make personal contact at the local and state level, to meet fellow geologists and to learn from them.

For more information, please contact the club via email at or through our faculty advisor:

Jodi L. Ryder
Brooks Hall 319

Geology Club

The purpose of the Geology Club is to promote the wonderful science of geology by helping fellow students and doing various services in our community. The highlight of the club is the annual spring break trip when we venture to awe-inspiring locations! The geology club is open to everyone, not just geology majors.

For more information, please visit the club's Facebook page, contact the club via email at or through our faculty advisor:

Martin Steinbis
Brooks Hall 313B

News Central 34

Operated by the School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts at CMU, News Central 34 has the largest news coverage area of any regularly scheduled, student produced, live nightly television news broadcast in the state of Michigan. Because of an agreement with the Mid-Michigan Area Cable Consortium, News Central's broadcast is seen in more than 10 municipalities in three counties in mid-Michigan.

News Central 34 is one of the only student produced news shows in the nation with an hour-long format airing live four nights a week, with a special half-hour edition on Fridays. Through a competitive audition process, meteorology students are selected to provide the weather portion of the newscast. Students use an Accuweather forecasting system, which is professional software used by many broadcast television stations nationwide.

Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (SCAMS)

The Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society welcomes students of any discipline, and meteorology majors and minors are encouraged to come. We are a very diverse group of CMU students with a common interest in the atmosphere and its processes. The club meets on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. in ET Building 116.

Approximately 40 to 50 SCAMS students routinely participate in activities such as: weather presentations at local schools; group weather discussions; attendance at national meteorological conferences; fund raisers; sponsoring guest speakers; operation of a local weather station; and social activities.

In addition, many students are taking part in a National Collegiate Weather Forecasting Contest known as Weather Challenge. The challenge is to forecast the maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation, and maximum wind speeds for select U.S. cities. Over a ten-week period (each semester), CMU meteorology students compete against other student and faculty meteorologists for honors as the top weather forecaster in North America.

For more information about SCAMS, please contact the club via e-mail at or through our faculty advisor:

Daria Kluver
Brooks Hall 323