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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Major (B.A.; B.S. degrees)

Total: 56-57 semester hours

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the complex relationship between humans and the environment. This program is designed to satisfy the needs of students who desire to work in fields that are explicitly related to the environment as well as to provide valuable information to students who simply care about environmental issues. The Environmental Studies major requires a second major taken in another discipline.

All Environmental Studies majors must:

  • Complete the Environmental Studies common core outlined in the Program Requirements
  • Complete a six (6) week, full-time, Internship Program (240 hours)
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7
  • Elect and complete a concentration (Environmental Policy or Environmental Science)
  • Complete a second major in an allied field

For more information on the Environmental Studies major, please contact the program's advisor:

Brian Becker
Dow Science Complex 292


Environmental Studies Minor (B.A.A.; B.S. in B.A. degrees)

Total: 25-30 semester hours (plus 0-6 hours of prerequisites, depending on the electives chosen)

This minor, available to students on the B.A.A. degree and B.S. in B.A. degree, offers an interdisciplinary program in environmental studies for students earning degrees where completing a second major would not be feasible.

For more information on the Environmental Studies minor, please contact the program's advisor:

Thomas Rohrer
Anspach Hall 102