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Chemistry-Physics Major (B.S. in Ed. degree) – Secondary Ed.

Provisional Secondary Certification and Provisional Secondary Certification with Emotional or Cognitive Impairment Endorsement

The Chemistry-Physics Major, offered by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics, is designed to prepare prospective high school teachers of chemistry and physics.

Total: 47 or 50 semester hours

Admission Requirements, Retention and Termination Standards

A minimum 2.7 GPA (B-) must be earned in all teaching majors.

The following mathematics courses or equivalent skills are prerequisites for some of the required courses on this major:

  • MTH 132
  • MTH 133
  • MTH 223
  • MTH 233
  • MTH 334

Consequently, a minimum of 18 hours of MTH courses will normally be required to complete this major in addition to the 46 or 49 hours specified above. If you have incomplete high school preparation, you may find it necessary to complete additional MTH courses.

Required Courses I (5-8 hours)

Select one of the following options:

Option A (8 hours)

  • CHM 131: Introduction to Chemistry I 4(3-3)
  • CHM 132: Introduction to Chemistry II 4(3-3)

Option B (5 hours)

  • CHM 161: Principles of Chemistry 5(4-4)

Required Courses II (42 hours)

  • CHM 211: Quantitative Analysis 4(3-5)
  • CHM 331: Inorganic Chemistry 3(2-4)
  • CHM 345: Organic Chemistry I 3(3-0)
  • CHM 346: Organic Chemistry II 3(3-0)
  • CHM 349: Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab 2(0-8)
  • CHM/PHY 505: Teaching Chemistry and Physics in Secondary Schools 3(3-0)
  • CHM/PHY 507: Field Experience in Teaching Chemistry/Physics 1(Spec)
  • PHY 145: University Physics I 4(4-0)
  • PHY 146: University Physics II 4(4-0)
  • PHY 175: University Physics Laboratory I 1(0-2)
  • PHY 176: University Physics Laboratory II 1(0-2)
  • PHY 231: Electronic Instrumentation 2(1-2)
  • PHY 247: Introduction to Modern Physics 4(4-0)
  • PHY 277: University Physics Laboratory III 1(0-3)
  • PHY 322: Intermediate Mechanics 3(3-0)
  • PHY 332: Electricity and Magnetism 3(3-0)

Other Requirements

If you are seeking the Chemistry Department's recommendation for student teaching in chemistry, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must have completed the specified chemistry courses for the Chemistry-Physics major, in addition to CHM/PHY 505 (3) and 501 (1), before approval for student teaching can be given. You must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 in those 24-27 hours of courses. Transfer chemistry credit will be accepted from regionally accredited institutions, but at least six of the hours must be CMU classes with a minimum GPA of 2.7. At least 12 of the required chemistry credit hours must have been received within 10 years of application for student teaching.
  • In order for you to be approved for student teaching in chemistry, two CMU chemistry faculty must, at your request, provide completed department student evaluation forms. You must also furnish transcripts showing all chemistry course credits.
  • You must demonstrate competency in chemistry by passing at American Chemical Society standardized chemistry examination at a specified level in order to be approved for student teaching.

If you are seeking the Physics Department's recommendation for student teaching in physics, the following requirements must be met:

  • At least 20 hours of physics (including CHM/PHY 505) must be completed with a GPA of 2.7.
  • At least 6 hours of physics (excluding CHM/PHY 505) must be completed at CMU.

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