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Water Problem Checklist

Problem Probable Cause Solution
Bad Taste Decaying organic matter Carbon filtration
Reverse osmosis
Odor Chlorine, hydrogen sulfide deposits (rotten egg smell) Carbon filtration
Reverse osmosis
Dirt and Rust Sand, silt, bad plumbing Sediment filter
Fixture Stains High and low pH (acid-alkaline, manganese, soluble iron) Water softener
Iron removal unit
Scale Water hardness Water softener
Sediment and carbon filter
Chemicals (Chlorine, Chloromines, TCE, PCB, TCA, DDE, DBCB) Industrial waste, pesticides, herbicides (agricultural), water treatment, spills, leaks Carbon filtration
Reverse osmosis
Dissolved Solids Inorganic minerals contained in soil Reverse osmosis
Salts and Heavy Metals Inorganic minerals contained in soil and plumbing Reverse osmosis
Asbestos, Radon Industry, inorganic minerals and gases contained in soil and plumbing Reverse osmosis
Calcium and Magnesium Inorganic minerals contained in soil and hardness Reverse osmosis
Water softener
High cost and inconvenience of bottled water Need and desire for good quality, potable water Point of use purification system using reverse osmosis

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