Spotlight on Graduate Research
Felix FamoyeRealize your scientific interests and professional goals through close interaction with your faculty advisors. Read how one student's connections have him on the brink of a breakthrough in statistics.

Analyzing the numbers

Name: Ayman Alza'atreh

Year: Third-year doctoral student

Graduate program: Mathematics (Statistics)

Experience: Alza'atreh is exploring statistical models to create and generalize new families of statistical distribution that can be applied to real-life data. His research findings, which potentially will open a new field of research in statistics, can be applied to projects that study the behaviors and trends of real-world statistics-related scenarios, such as populations, median ages and product longevity.

Continued benefits: "I benefited a lot from the graduate program by taking different courses in mathematics and statistics. Independent studies allow me to work closely with my dissertation advisors, Dr. Carl Lee and Dr. Felix Famoye. They guided me throughout my studies and advised me to search different sources and look into many resources for my research topic."

Program advice: "Don't ever hesitate to get direction from your advisors because they are always willing to help."