Current Seminars
​​Thursday, April 30, 2015
​3:30 p.m. reception in Dow Science Complex 107
​4:00 p.m. seminar in Dow Science Complex 107
  • Senior Project seminars
  • Physics undergraduate students

  • Pie​zoelectric/Piezomagnetic Detector: A room temperature alternative for MEG - Scott Saenz. Advisors: Bowyer S, Sreenivasulu G, Srinivasan G
  • Influence of neutrino properties in the nucleosynthesis of core-collapse supernovae - Nick Terpstra. Advisor: Georgios Perdikakis
  • Statistical Model Calculations of (n,p) and (p, gamma) Reactions Relevant to the vp Process - Bryan Wallace.  Advisor: Georgios Perdikakis
  • ​Implementation and Application of Data Mining Techniques - Troy Lyons. Advisor: Marco Fornari​

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