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Current Seminars

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Here come neutrinos
​     Reception, 3:30pm in Dow 208
     Seminar, 4pm in Dow 107
​​Mihai Horoi, Department of Physics, College of Science and Engineering, Central Michigan University​

Neutrinos are weakly interaction fundamental particles in the Standard Model of particle physics. For about 50 years the Standard Model assumed that neutrinos are massless, but the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the discovery that neutrinos have small masses. However, one does not yet know how to extend the Standard Model to explain the neutrino mass. The fork on the road comes from the possibility that neutrinos can be their own antiparticles, and there are intensive searches in US and world-wide to check this property using a nuclear process in which two electrons but no neutrinos come out of the decay. In my talk I will describe this process, called neutrinoless double beta decay, and I will relate its potential outcomes to the physics beyond the Standard Model that just emerged.  

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