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 Events & Seminars

September 24, 2015
Active Learning in Physics
​4pm in the Park Library Auditorium
September 27, 2015
​​Observe the lunar eclipse from the Brooks Astronomical Observatory 
​8:30pm-11pm in the Brooks Astronomical Observatory
October 15, 2015
Experimental Solid State Physics, Thermoelectric Materials​
​4pm in Dow 107​​
October 22, 2015
Commercializing a Scientific Breakthrough
​​4pm in Dow 107
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 Contact Us

​​Department of Physics
​Central Michigan University
​Dow Science Complex 203
​Mount Pleasa​nt, MI 48859
Phone: 989-774-3321
Dr. Christopher Tycner
​Department Chairperson​
Photo of the physics faculty and staff in front of the Dow Science Complex at CMU
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