Christopher Tycner
Associate Professor
Department Chair
Dow Science Complex 219
  • B.Sc., Astronomy, University of Western Ontario, 1999
  • M.Sc., Astronomy, University of Toronto, 2000
  • Ph.D., Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto, 2004
Research Fields
  • Observational stellar astrophysics
  • Optical long-baseline interferometry
Research Projects
  • Study of circumstellar disks of hot stars using a variety of ground-based instruments including long-baseline optical interferometry and spectroscopy.
​​ Selected Publications
  • “The Spatially Resolved Hα-Emitting Wind Structure of P Cygni,” Balan, A., Tycner, C., Zavala, R. T., Benson, J. A., Hutter, D. J., & Templeton, M. 2010, Astronomical Journal, 139, 2269.
  • Schmitt, H. R., Pauls, T. A., Tycner, C., Armstrong, J. T., Zavala, R. T., Benson, J. A., Gilbreath, G. C., Hindsley, R. B., Hutter, D. J., Johnston, K. J., Jorgensen, A. M., Mozurkewich, D. 2009, "Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer Imaging of Line Emission Regions of β Lyrae Using Differential Phase Referencing," Astrophysical Journal, 691, 984-996.
  • Tycner, C., Jones, C. E., Sigut, T. A. A., Schmitt, H. R., Benson, J. A., Hutter, D. J., Zavala, R. T. 2008, "Constraining the Physical Parameters of the Circumstellar Disk of χ Ophiuchi," Astrophysical Journal, 689, 461-470. 
  • Jones, C. E., Tycner, C., Sigut, T. A. A., Benson, J. A., Hutter, D. J. 2008, "A Parameter Study of Classical Be Star Disk Models Constrained by Optical Interferometry," Astrophysical Journal, 687, 598-607.
  • Halonen, R. J., Jones, C. E., Sigut, T. A. A., Zavala, R. T., Tycner, C., Levine, S. E., Luginbuhl, C. B., Vlig, N., Vrba, F. J. 2008, “Infrared Excess in the Be Star δ Scorpii,” Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 120, 498–509.
  • Patience, J., Zavala, R. T., Prato, L., Franz, O., Wasserman, L., Tycner, C., Hutter,
    D. J., & Hummel, C. A. 2008, “Optical Interferometric Observations of θ1  Orionis C from NPOI and Implications for the System Orbit,” Astrophysical Journal, 674, L97–L100.