Current Seminars

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
  • 4pm
  • Dow 136​
  • Dr. Stephen Farrell, Staff Research Scientist, Veeco Instruments, Minneapolis, MN
Title: As/P MOCVD for red LEDs and other devices
Abstract: The march towards solid-state lighting as a replacement for fluorescent and incandescent bulbs drove an immense, global research effort to develop efficient, high-brightness, GaN-based blue LEDs.  Comparatively, not much is known or discussed about their cousin, the red LED.  I will present some of our research on materials for GaAs-based red LEDs.  

: Stephen Farrell received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and went on to obtain a PhD at the University of Southern California also in Electrical Engineering.  Upon graduation, he took a job working on epitaxial growth of nitride-based materials for blue and green LEDs at industry leader Cree Research.  Continuing in the field of crystal growth he took a position with Veeco Instruments, a manufacturer of capital equipment for the semiconductor industry, where he has worked on metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of materials for LEDs, lasers, solar cells, pHEMTs, and other devices.​​