Modeling. Synthesis. Characterization.

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Take your career to the next level with the academic experience offered through CMU's Science of Advanced Materials Ph.D. program. Join our faculty in cutting-edge research, developing a wide range of new materials for science and engineering applications.

Classes are small and students are engaged in research with faculty mentors by the end of the first year. The formal coursework focuses on the scientific framework for studying materials and is organized around the key methodologies employed in materials research: modeling, synthesis, and characterization.

Throughout their academic and research experiences, students gain hands-on experience exploring chemical, physical and mathematical properties of advanced materials. CMU faculty maintain active research labs and are involved in collaborative relationships with other institutions and with industry, providing valuable contacts with experts in a variety of materials areas. ​

 News and Events

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Departmental Seminar

Sustainable Approaches to Materials Research


CMU Physicist makes Journal Cover

CMU Physics and S.A.M. professor, Juan Peralta, makes the cover of The Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation


S.A.M. Alumnus Wins Outstanding Dissertation Award

S.A.M. alumnus, Dr. Mahmoud Alomari, has been recognized by the CMU College of Graduate Studies...