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Leadership Fellows

 ​​​​CEHS Leadership Fellow

The College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) Leadership Fellows study the art and science of leadership and relates this to their own professional development as well as the needs of the CEHS community. Fellows have the opportunity to craft their study for a one-year internship and are reassigned to investigate, plan, initiate, and communicate development opportunities, and networking for CEHS faculty and staff in the area of leadership. They negotiate their internship experience and plan with the dean as well as consult with department chairs. Regular Faculty Members who are interested in pursuing a Leadership Fellow role in the future should make an appointment to discuss this with the Dean.​

The CEHS Leadership Fellow actively
  • Develops a leadership network of support for CEHS faculty and staff (related to teaching/advising, scholarship, and service)
  • Examines the needs of CEHS faculty and staff members in the area of leadership
  • Seeks out and highlights exemplary leadership efforts within the college with regard to service, teaching, scholarship
  • Identifies opportunities to support staff, fixed term, and tenure track faculty in multiple areas of leadership at program, departmental, college, university and professional levels 
  • Supports mentorship efforts of junior (pre-tenure) faculty members
  • Supports mentorship efforts of staff and teaching faculty members
  • Bridges and communicates leadership development within CEHS and between CEHS and the CMU community, as well as state, national, and international endeavors
  • Participates in key meetings and events with regard to leadership while under the mentorship of CEHS leaders
  • Assists with and develops sustainable CEHS programs related to leadership initiatives
  • Works in concert with CEHS leadership regarding college-wide leadership endeavors
  • Assists with encouraging, promoting, advocating for, screening and recommending future CEHS Leadership Fellows
  • Identifies, plans and develops personal leadership goals
  • Collaborates with CEHS leaders, faculty and staff on scholarship related to leadership
  • Recommends leadership initiatives for future CEHS strategic planning​​

 Shane Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

Fellowship Year: 2015-16
Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Michigan State University
Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Professional Development

Leadership Projects
Pursue STEM-related activities and initiatives for the college including:
  • Create STEM early education (prek-2nd grade) opportunities for area children, parents, and teachers
  • Pursue the possibility of an early education STEAM graduate certificate
  • Pursue STEM related grants
  •  Co-chair the STEM Steering committee with faculty from CEHS and College of Science and Technology (CST)
  • Create and facilitate a STEM Education Journal Club – a monthly gathering of faculty from CEHS and the CST to discuss current research in STEM education
  • Oversee CEHS scholarship and pedagogy grants

 Deborah C. Bailey, Ph.D.

​Fellowship Year: 2014-15 

Ph.D. in Family & Child Ecology from Michigan State University

Department of Human Environmental Studies

Associate Professor in Family Studies, formerly Major Faculty in Family Studies and Life Management Secondary Education

ship Projects
  • 2023 Visioning - Facilitation of faculty and staff dialogues about the 5 recommendation coming from the January 2014 Summit.
  • Organization of Big Think Retreat, October 2014.
  • Facilitation of "3/3 Bridge Program" between Family Studies and Counseling faculty.
  • Initiation of discussion ad research on graduate programs for the Child Development in Global Policy Master's.
  • National and State Advocacy for Family Studies / Family Life Education Certification with the National Council on Family Relations.
Personal Highlights 
Working on the 2023 Vision and initiating discussion for implementing the recommendations was very exciting. Having the opportunity to invite faculty and staff to meet in small focused discussion groups was rewarding. It created venues to meet many people in our college and to learn more about the work being done. To be a part of these discussion and to listen to others talk was equally rewarding as ideas for points of collaboration always dominated the conversations.

Some of the best things about the Leadership Fellow are the passive things that happened when you are in the office. On April 14, I had the pleasure of driving Dr. Hrabrowski to the University and to participate in a round table discussion and presentation. This was by far the most engaging day I have ever had here at CMU. In preparation for his visit as a T.R. Johnson Speaker, I read two of his books and had the chance to preview his upcoming book due out in May. His works were fascinating but nothing compared to the energy and expertise that he brought to campus.  He asked hard questions but made me want to find the answers and work towards change. By the end of the evening I wanted to quit my job and go out into the community and change the world. This was an indirect opportunity that came from being in the Dean's Office. I would never had the chance to spend so much time with Dr. Hrabowski nor would I have been included in the discussion with him if I had not be given the Leadership Fellow.​​​

 Sarah Marshall, Ph.D.

Fellowship Year: 2014-15

PhD., Higher Education Administration, 

Loyola University Chicago

Associate Professor, Director of Doctor of Education and Graduate Certificate in College Teaching Programs 

Department of Educational Leadership

Leadership Projects

  • Implemented the multi-faceted CEHS mentoring program Fourteen first and second year faculty participated in the year-long mentoring program. This program included a regular mentoring appointments with senior-faculty mentors and monthly pre-tenure lunches. Pre-tenure lunch topics included managing your first year, effective teaching techniques, advancing your scholarship, meaningful and manageable service, creating electronic portfolios, promotion and tenure, teaching with technology, and maximizing your summer. In an effort to encourage peer mentoring we also launched five cross-college book clubs. 
  • Advanced faculty scholarship by hosting four CEHS Soup and Scholarship events where eight faculty presented their research to colleagues
  • Oversaw the two cycles of EHS scholarship and pedagogy grants
  • Sponsored an all-day writing event in Park Library.

Personal Highlights
  • Serving a CEHS Leadership Fellow afforded me the opportunity to meaningfully impact the college beyond my department. I created a worthwhile  and sustainable mentoring program that will benefit CEHS faculty for years to come.​

 ​Gina Umpstead, J.D., Ph.D.

Fellowship Year: 2013-14

J.D., University of Michigan

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership

Leadership Projects

  • Developed scholarship supports for faculty members within CEHS including a website, a faculty research roundtable series
  • Managed the CEHS faculty scholarship and pedagogy grants
  • Created the plan for a faculty mentorship program 

Personal Highlights
  • Serving as leadership fellow provided me with the opportunity to gain an understanding of college level leadership responsibilities and develop a broader perspective into the work of the faculty and students within the college. I also felt encouraged to adopt the mantra "nothing ventured, nothing gained," because the possibilities for impacting change seem endless.
  • My proudest moment as leadership fellow was the successful CEHS Honors 100 night where all five colleges within CEHS worked together to engage 200 freshman CMU students in a meaningful introduction to our college. Even though we only had a short period of time to pull everything together, the event was a big success.​

 ​Holly Hoffman, Ph.D.

Inaugural Leadership Fellow

Ph.D., Early Childhood Special Education, Oakland University

Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Counseling and Special Education

Leadership Projects
  • Served as inaugural Leadership Fellow
  • Worked in the areas of task force and committee involvement
  • Created processes and infrastructures for sustainable efforts within the college
  • Established partnerships and supported the CEHS Dean's office initiatives 
  • Built foundation of leadership opportunities and experiences for individuals in this position. 
  • Developed the faculty scholarship and pedagogy awards, Camp Central, Learning and Leading Student Award, Leadership Library, pre-tenure faculty supports, and other various leadership initiatives.
Personal Highlights
  • A review of the activities I was able to participate in reveals a busy and meaningful year full of new and exciting opportunities. I was honored to be the Inaugural CEHS Leadership Fellow. This experience, without hesitation, provided me with incredibly valuable experiences I would not trade for a moment.

  • The CEHS Leadership Fellow experience assisted me in viewing the larger picture from a variety of perspectives. The year was packed with proud moments – including attending Harvard University's Graduate School of Education Management Development Program, recognizing our exceptional students and programs at the university and community level, and providing supports and opportunities for CEHS students, staff, and faculty.​


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