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 Faculty Funding

​​​​​​​​​​​​​CEHS Faculty Scholarship Grants
Tenured and tenure-track faculty members are eligible for the 2016-2017 Faculty Scholarship Grants. The CEHS Faculty Scholarship Grants will be awarded in support of original research or creative work. There is only one CEHS Faculty Scholarship Grant application due date for the 2016-2017 academic year and up to 7 grants will be awarded for this grant cycle.  Each grant specifically supports faculty course reassignment for one course during the fall 2016 or spring 2017 semester. Faculty may also apply for up to $1,000 for supplies and expenses related to their identified scholarly activity

Faculty members may only be awarded one CEHS Faculty Scholarship Grant every three years. If you have received a Scholarship Grant in the past, you are not eligible to receive another award until three years from the date you submitted your previous grant's final summary. In addition, Faculty Grant Scholarship recipients must teach at least one class during the semester the course release is taken.

The awardees will be expected to complete at least two of the following:

  • Submit a proposal for an external, national grant
  • Submit an article for publication to a national/international peer reviewed professional journal
  • Submit a proposal for a presentation at a national/international peer reviewed professional conference
In addition, each awardee must submit a project summary to Department Chairperson and the office of the CEHS Dean.

Preference will be given for grant applications that:

  • Support collaboration across departments within CEHS and the CMU community
  • Engage in scholarship that leads to external, national grant proposals
  • Align with the vision and mission of CEHS, as well as CMU's emerging priorities
CEHS Faculty Scholarship Grant Application - Available Oct.​ 21 - Nov. 16, 2015​

CEHS Pedagogy Grants

All regular and fixed-term full time faculty members are eligible for a Best Practices in Pedagogy Grant. The Best Practices in Pedagogy Grant is awarded in support of investigation of methods that advance best practices in pedagogy. The grant's purpose is to improve college teaching and instructional practices that promote student learning and instructor effectiveness. There is only one CEHS Pedagogy Grant application due date for the 2016-2017 academic year and up to 5 grants will be awarded for this grant cycle.

The grant supports faculty for supplies, travel, technology, and training expenses related to their pedagogical exploration.  Examples include: specific workshops attended to improve teaching, student learning, and supervision skill development, technology equipment and apps, teaching-related books or materials.  If funded, the following requirements must be met and completed by the awardee by August 14, 2017:  

  • Submit a proposal related to pedagogy for a presentation at a national professional conference, or submit an article for publication to a national peer-reviewed professional journal (or equivalent as determined in conjunction with the Department Chairperson)

  • Submit a summary related to pedagogy to the CEHS Dean's office as well as to his/her department chairperson.
The faculty member will apply for funding from the CEHS Dean's office for up to $1000 and their department will match the amount the CEHS Dean's office has approved for this grant (up to $500).  Regular and fixed-term faculty are encouraged to apply, but priority will be given to fixed-term faculty. Awardees must be teaching at least one class during the semester the grant is utilized. 

CEHS Pedagogy Grant Application - Available Oct. 21 - Nov. 16, 2015

Nash Endowment

The Nash Family Professional Development Endowment provides discretionary funds to assist regular faculty in pursuing new professional initiatives. In the words of Curtis Nash, the endowment is designed to help faculty who "embrace vision, promote prowess, challenge ideas, and promote diversity and thinking outside of the box."

The endowment represents new opportunities for CEHS faculty to participate in professional development that might otherwise be impossible. The income from the Nash Family Professional Development Endowment is earmarked specifically to support new opportunities rather than for ongoing programs. 

Applications for funding from the endowment will be accepted once a year.  The deadline for 2015-16 applications November 9, 2015 and funds must be used within one year from the date of the award.  A total of $4,500 in funding is available each year with a maximum award determined by number and quality of applications.  Applications must indicate the outcome of requests for funding from other CMU sources.  The amount of any award will be determined by the quality of the application, the degree to which the request matches the purpose of the endowment, and the number of applications.  First priority will be given to proposals that allow faculty members to develop professionally and personally through endeavors that will inevitably advance knowledge through research, outreach, and student learning.

Nash Endowment Application - Available Oct. 21 - Nov. 16, 2015​

Applications can be submitted to the CEHS Dean's office, Education Building, room 426.

Please contact Sheila Roupe with any questions at 989-774-3054 or email

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