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​​Education and Human Services Building

CEHS Outreach Program Policies and Procedures

​​​​​​​The College of Education and Human Services is committed to the safety of everyone taking part in CEHS activities and programs.  As part of that commitment, the College has developed a list of procedures that must be adhered to before a program can be available to the community.  The policies and protocols outlined below will ensure a safe and secure environment for children, CMU students, and faculty who take part in CEHS sponsored activities.

Faculty and Staff Guidelines:

1. Read and thoroughly understand the Manual of University Policies, Procedures and Guidelines: Minors Participating in CMU activities.  Any questions regarding these policies should be addressed to Risk Management at 989-774-3741. 

2. Read and understand the following policies, where appropriate:

3.   Submit Pre-Approval form to the CEHS Dean's office designee.  Once the form has been submitted and reviewed, the Program Director will be notified of approval and will be able to begin advertising program.

4. Before the promotion and participation of any program the following documentation should be submitted to the CEHS Dean's office:

  • A copy of all promotional materials (the CEHS logo should be present on all promotional materials as well contact information for the organization sponsoring the event).

5. All supervising students, faculty and staff should be made aware of safety procedures prior to the program/event.  

  • Safety Procedures for the Education Building can be found here.
  • Safety Procedures for Wightman Hall can be found here.
  • Safety Procedures for Finch Fieldhouse can be found here
  • All other buildings on CMU's campus can be found here.

6. Event registration forms should include medical needs and conditions including allergies as well as information for parents to contact event organizers the day of the event. Please contact Megan Goodwin at if you would like to review sample registration forms.

7. The following documents should be on file for each participant.

  • Emergency Contact Information (Required)
  • Parent Pick-Up Waiver (Optional)
  • Parent Sign-In and Sign-Out (Optional)
  • Photographic Release Form (Required if you plan to record or photograph at event)
  • Waiver of Liability (Required of all participants)

8. A sample form with Emergency Contact Information, Photographic Release Form, and Waiver of Liability can be found here.

9. Complete the CEHS Program Checklist and return to the CEHS Dean's office, 426 Education Building. 


​For more information

Megan Goodwin
Associate Dean​​​​​​​​​​​​
College of Education and Human Services | Central Michigan University | | 195 Ojibway Ct | EHS 426 | Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 | (989) 774-3079