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​​​​Frequently Asked Questions
​​​What charter sch​ools are participating?

​​Holly Academy
International Academy of Flint
Linden Charter Academy
Woodland Park Academy
How many students will be selected to attend Camp Central? ​About 50 students will be selected to participate in the Camp Central program this year.
Who decides which students
are selected?
​Each school has a selection committee of primarily external reviewers who makes the selection decisions based on which students have the most potential to benefit from the program.
Is transportation to/from Camp Central provided?Transportation will be provided from each school. A schedule will be shared at parent meeting.
What is the discipline process?

​The discipline process for excessive behavior issues will be handled by the director of the Camp Central program. After investigation of an incident, parents will be notified and a decision will be made by the director on whether the child will be able to further participate in the program.
  • Possession of prohibited items including illegal substances or weapons. 
  • Use of profanity or other offensive language, including terms that are offensive to any particular person or group 
  • Behavior that is aggressive or inflicts physical and/or emotional harm on others 
  • Vandalization of the property of Central Michigan University
  • Reckless behavior that put yourself or others in danger 
  • Leaving the campus boundaries without permission from Camp Central staff 
  • Display of inappropriate or excessive affection, including kissing, hand holding, excessive touching, etc.
How will Camp Central staff ensure my child's safety while on campus?​Camp Central will have a full staff on campus (with a one to six ratio) who will monitor your child at all times.

​Safety Precautions

​Male and female students will be housed on separate floors. Students of the opposite sex will not be permitted to visit each other in the rooms.

Some student assistants are assigned to small groups throughout the day, and other student assistants supervise the students in the evening. Activities are planned throughout the day and evening with very little "free time". Students are not permitted to explore campus alone or travel across campus (day or night) without a supervising adult. Students are required to report to their rooms at a designated time each night. Precautionary measures will be taken to ensure students stay in their rooms during the night at all times.
​How many students will be
assigned to a room?

​Students will be assigned 4 per room. Students may request a roommate and Camp Central will try to make sure those requests are acknowledged. Restroom/shower facilities are available in each room.
​What happens if roommates do
not get along?

​One of the goals of Camp Central is for students to get to know other students from each school. We will take all measures to ensure roommates get along and understand the common purposes for attending the program. If for understandable reasons roommates do not get along, the program director will oversee a reasonable transition for that student.
How will supervision be provided in the residence halls?​Student assistants supervise the students in the evening with assistants assigned to each floor.
How will male and female rooms be separated?​Females and males will be housed on separate floors of the residence hall and will not ever be permitted on a floor of the opposite gender.
Will staffing of rooms follow gender guidelines?​Yes, female assistants will be assigned to female students, and male assistants to male students.
Are the residence halls where my child will be staying ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible?Yes, all housing, food and classroom facilities meet these guidelines.​
Will vegetarian meals be offered?​We will make efforts to accommodate any dietary restrictions.
How will I be able to communicate with my child while they are attending the program?

​Students are allowed to carry their phones with them during the program. However, during activities, students are required to silence phones to limit distractions. Parents/guardians will also be provided with a contact number in case a child cannot be reached otherwise.
Can I or any other family member visit my child on campus during the Camp?​Parents/guardians are invited to attend a closing ceremony on the final day of the program. Arrangements can and will be made for emergency situations.
What happens if my child gets sick while at camp?

​It is our hope that every camper will remain healthy and fully able to participate in all aspects of camp life during summer program. Just in case, though, Camp Central has a range of systems in place to manage health care issues that may arise.  An emergency contact sheet is given in the application packet where parents/guardians can list contact information in case your child gets sick.
My child has to observe a certain religious practice during this period. How will this be handled?Every measure will be taken to make this comfortable experience for each student. If expressed to Camp Central staff, we will make arrangements to accommodate a student's religious practices.​
What if my child gets homesick?

​Homesickness can occur at any age and can affect anyone's ability to have an enjoyable experience. In the event of homesickness, our staff is trained to handle this issue. If homesickness persists, a call will be made home to his or her guardian for further consultation.
What does my child need to bring?

​If your child is selected to participate in the Camp Central program, he/she will receive an acceptance letter and information packet which will include a "What to Bring" list.
What should my child not bring?

​Participants are not permitted to bring:
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Alcohol, tobacco and/or other drugs
  • Unauthorized medicines not turned over to Camp Central staff upon registration
  • Explicit or vulgar books, music, magazines, or movies
  • Clothing featuring inappropriate language, images or messages
Should my students bring any money with them for any non-covered costs such as extra field trips or off campus activities? How much?

​All meals and supplies will be provided by Camp Central. We will also cover the cost of any activities listed on the schedule. Your child does not need spending money, but you may choose to send some with him or her to buy souvenirs or snacks. Camp Central staff and Central Michigan University staff are not liable for any valuable belongings brought to the campus by participants, including spending money. While the program is free parents/guardians do have some responsibilities including:

  • Providing students with items such as proper clothing, toiletries and other items listed on the "What to Bring" list in their acceptance packet.
  • ​Paying for property damages if your child causes them. Examples include damages to walls or furniture in the rooms, or damages to classroom equipment.
​Is there a dress code?

​Students will dress appropriately, in a manner that does not distract from the educational experience for the program.
Any student that does not dress appropriately will be asked to change their clothing.

Ladies: No backless, spaghetti straps, tank, strapless, on-strap, or mid-drift tops or extremely short shorts, skirts or dresses will be allowed. Shorts, skirts and dresses must be no more than 6" above the knee. No see-through attire. No offensive language or images will be tolerated on clothing.

Gentlemen: Boxers and briefs should never be visible (no sagging shorts or pants). No tank tops or muscle shirts. No see-through attire. No offensive language or images will be tolerated on clothing.

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