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Education and Human Services Building

Mission and Goals

The common mission of all programs in the Department of Human Environmental Studies is to improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals and families. Using an ecological perspective, emphasis is placed on the preparation of individuals with: a) the professional competencies necessary to enable clients (individuals and families) to initiate sustained action toward their envisioned quality of life goals; b) strong bases for success in advanced study or vocations needing multiple skills, and c) an enlightened foundation for making life choices.

The Department of Human Environmental Studies strives to:

1. Provide courses, programs and learning opportunities that meet the needs of a diverse group of students and reflect the changing nature of individuals, families, and the external systems with which they interact.

2. Assist students in developing competencies for success in professions that promote the quality of life.

3. Foster the development of creative and critical thinking.

4. Promote an understanding of individuals across the lifespan and their environments as interacting systems.

5. Promote and support excellence in teaching, research, scholarly and creative activities.

6. Provide opportunities for professional development, leadership and service to the community.

7. Establish a high level of awareness, respect and understanding for diverse people.

8. Provide students with the competencies to succeed in continued professional development or in advanced studies.

Department Bylaws

Organizational Chart

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