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CMU Credit Options, Requirements, & Registration


CMU Credit Options, Requirements & Registration

First off, credit is optional to CMU students selected on the Disney program….Disney does not require credit be taken, nor does CMU.  Students should check with their major advisor to see if their major does offer some type of credit (internship, independent study or practicum credit) for this experience.  If not, students may want to discuss credit options with the RPL department.

RPL does make fieldwork credit available to all students selected on the program no matter what major or class status (Fr-Sr).  Students selected on the Disney College Program may earn from 1-12 credits from the Department of Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services (RPL) for their entire experience at Disney which includes work performance, classroom experience and living/cultural experience. 

RPL Fieldwork Credit
RPL 318: (1-12 credits)… Field Course in Recreation Specialization 
Bulletin Description:  A supervised practical experience for a student working as a specialist in a recreation/tourism program. 

Fieldwork is like earning internship/practical credit for work and experience in entry level positions in the recreation/tourism profession. (This is a variable credit class where the student selects the amount of credit they would like to earn.  Each credit is worth a full 40 hour work week or accumulated hours.)

Fieldwork Requirements
There are 4 requirements to complete to earn the RPL fieldwork credit.  Students will:

1)      Submit a final paper, a reflection of program experiences.

2)      Submit a Disney Performance Evaluation form, given to the student by their                    Disney manager at the end of the program. 

3)      Complete two informational networking interviews with two professional Disney             Cast Members of the student’s choice.

4)      Complete one Disney collegiate class or Disney Exploration Series course,                         student’s choice.

Each student determines how much CMU fieldwork credit they would like to earn based on need and how it will assist them with CMU academic requirements for graduation. 

For students who are not majoring in recreation, they are advised to seek an academic advisor to help determine their need or if credit is available to them from their own academic major.  In many situations, RPL credit may be the student’s only option to earn credit for their experience at Disney.  For non-RPL majors, RPL credit has primarily been used to benefit a student:

  1. As general elective credit to fulfill graduation requirements.
  2. To meet the graduation requirement of having taken at least 40 credits of 300 level and above credit.
  3. To help students remain a full time student for financial aid, scholarship, bank or parent’s insurance requirements.

CMU Course Registration
Students who want to enroll for CMU credit for their experience at Disney and have received approval from their major advisor or RPL department, can enroll as a student normally does by going online when enrollment is open and register for the class desired with the appropriate number of credits.

If a student finds themselves in a situation where they are waiting to hear back from Disney about an offer or is in the process of deciding to accept or decline an offer and CMU enrollment begins for the next semester, we would encourage students to go ahead and enroll as if they were going to be here on campus for that next semester.  It is a lot easier to drop classes later if and when a Disney offer has been made than to try and add classes afterwards if the answer is no.  

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