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CMU Contact & Program Information


​CMU Contact & Program Information

There are usually lots more questions to be asked so if you need more help, please contact:

Dean Wallin
Director, Center for Leisure Services
Finch Fieldhouse 109
1275 S. Franklin St.
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 
Phone:(989) 774-3984
Fax: 989 774-2161

Dean has worked with this program since it started in 1981 and is considered the CMU faculty representative for Disney programs on campus.  To make an apt, call his office at 774-3984 and one of the office staff will be happy to arrange an apt to meet with Dean at your convenience.

Disney Campus Reps
Also, Disney has selected students on campus who are alumni of the program, called Disney Campus Reps and they are available and happy to answer questions and share personal experiences about their Disney experiences.

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