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​​​Westport, Ireland - Summer (Pre-Student Teaching)

Observe teaching and participate in classroom activities at select local schools in the beautiful Westport, Ireland!

Witness the theory and methods typically discussed in the classroom, and practice the foundations of elementary, middle, and high school level education in Westport’s diverse schooling system. There will be two CMU professors for both secondary and elementary education that will work together to compliment and coordinate the curriculum for your best interests.


Get out of the classroom and sightsee beautiful places in Westport.


If your focus is secondary education you will think critically on psychological foundations and middle to high level teaching methods. Pre-student teaching, mathematics methods, and global field experience is included if your focus is on elementary education. Overall, Bonding with your host family will give you further cultural experiences that will stay with you forever.

Earn Course Credit (Summer 2020):


  • EDU 393

  • EDU 433

  • EDU 515


  • EDU 310

  • EDU 325

  • EDU 434


College of Education and Human Services | Central Michigan University | | 195 Ojibway Ct | EHS 426 | Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 | (989) 774-3079