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Internship Application - For Spring: October 15, 2013
Internship Site Form - For Spring: November 15, 2013

For Questions, Contact:
Beth Embrey
HEV Internship Coordinator

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1. A signed major in Child Development or Family Studies. Early Childhood Development & Learning majors will complete their "internship" in the Child Development & Learning Laboratory (CDLL).

2. Completed HDF 219 and either HDF 317 or 319, with a grade of C+ or better in each course; or receive permission from the HEV internship coordinator and the faculty sponsor.


1. You are required to meet with the HEV internship coordinator at least one semester prior to enrolling in HDF 419 to discuss areas of interest, potential sites and internship guidelines. All students must meet with the internship coordinator at least once prior to the internship application deadline.
2. After meeting with the internship coordinator, begin contacting prospective internship sites for interviews to discuss potential placement. Make sure to bring extra copies of your resume and your list of references with you to your interviews. You are encouraged to share your internship handbook with agencies during your interviews to address questions about the internship program. It is your responsibility to contact prospective internship sites, secure an internship site and finalize arrangements by the required deadline. 3. Once an internship site has been secured and approved by the internship coordinator, complete the site form (located in the Internship Handbook) and return it to the internship coordinator OR fill out this form online.  This form must be turned in by the required deadline. The HEV Department will enroll students in the HDF 419 course. 4. The Internship Coordinator will send a letter to your internship site, thanking them for accepting you as an intern. Enclosed with the letter will be a roles and responsibilities form, which describes what is expected from all individuals involved in the internship and contains the names and relevant contact information for these individuals. 5. Attend the Internship meetings. (the dates for the meetings will be posted on the home page of the internships section of this Web site prior to the start of the semester.)

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