How to Register for Internship Class

How to Register for HDF 419

Once you have secured an internship site, you need to submit your site form to the HEV internship coordinator. The HEV Department will enroll you in the HDF 419 class. If the position is unpaid, you may not begin work until after an affiliation agreement has been signed by your site supervisor. Beth Embrey will send an agreement to your site with a thank you letter. You may register for 3 to 6 internship credits per semester. A maximum of 12 credits of HDF 419 may be taken, but no more than 6 credits make be taken each semester. For each credit, you will be required to complete a minimum of 45 hours of work at your internship site. The following table illustrates the minimum number of hours you will be required to work based on the number of credits you select. You should note that fall and spring semester interns will complete their hours over a 15-week period, while summer semester interns will have a 12-week period to complete their hours. IMPORTANT: The summer semester ends during the first week of August. Your hours must be complete by this time unless you have received permission for an extension.

Credits *Total Hours Avg. Hours/Week

Fall/Spring (15 wks.) Summer (12 wks.)
3 135 9 12
4 180 12 15
5 225 15 19
6 270 18 23

*This is the minimum number of hours you are expected to complete at your internship site. You are expected to complete your hours over the full 15 week semester in the fall and spring and full 12 week semester for the summer. You must get approval PRIOR TO ACCEPTING an internship to complete your hours in a shorter time period.

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