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Course Delivery Options

The Counseling Program offers courses in a traditional 16-week face to face format, an 8-week face to face weekend format and in an 8-week online format.

The Counseling program offers two matriculation plans, a traditional model and a cohort model.

Traditional Model

On the Mt. Pleasant campus, the CMU Counseling program offers courses in Addiction, Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling concentrations in a traditional 16-week; one class per week, face to face format and in an 8-week online format.  Students may enroll in Fall or Spring semester and matriculate at their own pace with advisor guidance. Generally, each course is offered two times per year except for certain concentration courses which only may be offered one time per year.

Most concentration courses are offered online while most core courses are offered face to face. Students attending the Mt. Pleasant campus complete the practicum at the Counseling Center for Community Development and/or an outside school or agency.  Students complete the internship at an offsite school or agency.

Cohort Model

The CMU Counseling program offers Addiction, Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling concentrations in a cohort model format at CMU extension sites in Dearborn, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Southfield, MI and Saginaw, MI. Students matriculate when the cohort begins; new students are not added to the cohort and each course is only offered once during the three and half (3.5) year cohort cycle. The cohort model format requires students to take one course every 8 weeks throughout the program.  Courses are offered in a face to face format where students meet three times over the course of 8 weeks on a Friday (6:00pm – 10:00pm) and Saturday (8:00am-5:00pm).  Courses are also offered in an 8-week online format. Students take assessment, practicum and internship over 16-week semesters in a face to face format on specific weekend days. Cohort students complete the practicum and internship at offsite schools and/or agencies and meet on Saturdays from 9-5pm throughout practicum and internship  for in person instruction and clinical supervision.  

Interested applicants can find admissions information here.

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