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Study Abroad!


Cultural competence is an ethical imperative for counselors today. Students in CMU's Counseling program now have the opportunity to enhance cultural competence and increase cultural knowledge and understanding through participation in a short term study abroad experience. Interested students may enroll in CED 625 Cross-Cultural Service Learning for Counselors, which includes on-campus meetings, in addition to a study abroad cross-cultural service learning component over Spring Break. During our recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, we worked daily at an educational organization, where we provided activities and art projects to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.


The Oaxaca Study Abroad Program offers the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the history and culture of beautiful Oaxaca
  • Become familiar with the Centro de Esperanza Infantil (Child Hope Center) and the effort to support educational advancement for Oaxacan children
  • Provide daily service to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds through implementation of meaningful activities and art projects
  • Study a few words of Spanish and interact with the local people
  • Take in the atmosphere at the Zocalo (city center) and try out the extraordinary Oaxacan cuisine
  • Participate in cultural field trips to Monte Alban (center of the ancient Zapoteca civilization), a family-owned weaving facility, and Oaxaca's historically rich botanical gardens
  • Reflect upon one's own journey toward cultural competence and deeper empathy for people who are different from oneself

Informational Sessions

To learn more about the CED Oaxaca Study Abroad Program, please join us at one of our Informational Meetings early in the Fall semester. Email notices will be sent out to CED students ahead of time. You are also welcome to contact Dr. Armbruster at for further information and answers to any questions you may have.

Course Requirements

Students must enroll in CED 625 Cross-Cultural Service Learning for Counselors. Counseling students and graduate students from all CMU departments are encouraged to apply. Like Counseling students, graduate students in Health Professions, Psychology, and World Languages and Cultures may find the course and study abroad trip to be especially relevant to their career pathways. In addition, we will consider admitting upper level Honors students to this program. Please contact Dr. Armbruster at for more information.

Estimated costs

Program fee: $1,150-$1,450 (includes housing, designated cultural activities, international health insurance, administrative fee, and breakfast and lunch at the hotel)

Airfare: $850-$950 from Detroit to Oaxaca, Mexico

Tuition: 3 credits

Passport fee: $135

Non-included meals: $150-$200

Additional spending money (for snacks, souvenirs, and optional activities): $100

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