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Degree Requirements

Foundational Course (3 hours)
FMD 604 - Scholarship in Textiles and Clothing 3(3-0)

Plan Options

Select from the following options:

Plan A: Thesis/Creative Scholarship (27 hours)

  • 6 hours of graduate courses related to Research Methods and/or Statistics
  • 12 hours of FMD graduate level courses
  • 3 hours of supporting courses outside FMD
  • Select one of the following for 6 hours:
    • FMD 798 - Thesis 1-6(Spec)
    • FMD 796 - Creative Scholarship 1-6(Spec)

Plan B: Internship (33 hours)

  • 15 hours of FMD graduate level courses
  • 12 hours of supporting courses outside FMD
  • 6 hours of the following:
    • FMD 635 - Advanced Internship 1-6(Spec)

Plan C: Course Work (33 hours)

  • 18 hours of FMD graduate level courses
  • 15 hours of supporting courses outside FMD
  • Plus written and oral examination over course work administered by the student's advisor and committe members.

The comprehensive exam will be designed to measure outcomes related to the student's program rather than outcomes which are limited to particular courses. The component, format and time set for the comprehensive examination will be determined by the major advisor in consultation with other faculty on the student's committee. The exam may require the student to answer a detailed question, write a research proposal on a particular topic, describe a process for developing a product, complete a case analysis, provide a critical review of a manuscript, or solve a particular problem. Students may use their course materials and other sources of information in answering the exam question.

The comprehensive examination will be administered during the fall (First full week of November) or spring semester (First full week of April) in which the student plans to complete the courses required on their program of study. Students are responsible for notifying their advisor during the first week of their final semester indicating their intent to take the comprehensive written examination that semester.

The faculty comprising the student's supervisor committee will have two weeks to review the exam responses. The student will be notified of the outcome shortly thereafter. An oral defense of the written exam may be scheduled if deemed necessary by the major professor or committee.

Total: 30-36 hours

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